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ReForum 2024 Co-Conference

May 29-31
Delta Hotels Saskatoon Downtown

Common Bond, a co-conference and tradeshow hosted by the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council and SWANA Northern Lights Chapter highlighted advancements in waste and recycling, how we must work together to achieve our goals and explore topics where we share a COMMON BOND.




Workshop: Become an SDG Multiplier -- Aditi Garg, University of Saskatchewan - PRESENTATION  SDG Cards
Workshop: Invisible Ink -- Top Secret Storytelling Tips & Tricks -- Sandy Bonny, University of Saskatchewan - PRESENTATION

Goldeneye: Opening Keynote Speaker: SESSION VIDEO

  • Honoring Our Common Bonds: Peering into the Past and Preparing for the Future – Elizabeth Roe, Eco Partners Inc    PRESENTATION

The Living Daylights -- Lightning Talks: Critical Collaborations:  SESSION VIDEO

  • SARCAN & Saskatoon Open Door Society -- Rayleen Vicklund, SARCAN Recycling  - PRESENTATION
  • Makerspace & Saskatoon Library of Things -- Brandon Golding, Saskatoon Makerspace - PRESENTATION
  • Partnerships between Co-ops, Loop Resource and Saskatchewan farmers -- Kaitlyn Yonge Federated Co-op - PRESENTATION
  • Managing Leachate with Willows -- John Lavery, Ramo - PRESENTATION
  • Bridge City Bike Co-op & City of Saskatoon -- Stan Yu, BCBC - PRESENTATION
  • [Re]Waste – recycling cannabis packaging -- Core Saban [Re]Waste - PRESENTATION
  • Wood "Waste" Diversion - Deconstruction vs Demolition -- Ian Loughran, Vereco Smart Green on behalf of Timberwood Innovations - PRESENTATION
  • Reuse system partnerships -- John MacInnes, Earthware - PRESENTATION
  • Social Influencer -- Maygen Kardash - PRESENTATION

 Quantum of Solace -- Incorporating Mental Health into the Workplace: SESSION VIDEO
  • Mental health awareness in Peer appreciation -- Shelley Anderson Slevinsky, City of Airdrie - PRESENTATION
  • Mental Health in the Workplace -- Chalaine Senger, Canadian Mental Health Association - PRESENTATION
  • Problematic Substance Use & The Workplace -- Taylor Baier, Oaks Mental Health - PRESENTATION   Resources

You Only Live Twice -- Advances in Organics Diversion: SESSION VIDEO

  • Seasonal Variation in Received Source Separated Organics and Its Impact on Operations of a Static Aerated Pile Composting Facility -- Janet Tecklenborg, Claystone Waste - PRESENTATION
  • Revolutionizing Organic Waste: Achievements in Accelerated In-Vessel Composting -- Babak Roshani, BrewNature - PRESENTATION
  • A Strategic Plan and Environmental Management System lead Chicago to Composting for High Quality Biosolids Production -- Daniel E. Collins - PRESENTATION

Goldfinger -- Funding Landfill Facilities: SESSION VIDEO

  • FCM’s Green Municipal Fund – Making the Best out of Waste -- Noémie De Vuyst, FCM - PRESENTATION
  • Generating a Sustainable Financial Model for Solid Waste Management Facilities – from Cradle to Grave -- Bruce Colwell, Associated Engineering Alberta Ltd. - PRESENTATION
  • Small, Regional Landfill Financial Feasibility -- Steve Johnson, AECOM - PRESENTATION
  • Using a Holistic Approach to Assessment and Management of an Historical Landfill -- Sean Buckles, Tetra Tech Canada - PRESENTATION

For Your Eyes Only -- What's New in AB & MB:

  • Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba’s Journey to full EPR - Karen Melnychuk, MMSM - PRESENTATION
  • Alberta Recycling Management Authority - Gabrielle Betts, ARMA - PRESENTATION

 Landfills are Forever -- Landfill Infrastructure & Operations: SESSION VIDEO
  • Closed Landfill Methane Measurement & Technologies for GHG Reduction -- Dave Lake, Dillon Consulting Limited - PRESENTATION
  • Balancing Liability and Costs while Meeting Ever-changing Regulations for Landfills -- Dakota Olson & Jackie Kaiser, Associated Environmental - PRESENTATION
  • Geosynthetics – Best Practices in Landfill Infrastructure -- Juliana Tang, Associated Engineering Alberta Ltd. & Stephan Fourmont, Afitex-Texel Geosynthetics Inc. - PRESENTATION
  • Leachate Management: Automated Leachate Recovery and Data Tracking Systems -- Kevin Keenan, Sequoia Environmental Remediation Inc. - PRESENTATION
Tomorrow Never Dies -- Circular Ways to Live: SESSION VIDEO
  • Soil to Soil: Growing our clothing on the Grasslands of the Canadian Prairies -- Anna Hunter, Long Way Homestead  - PRESENTATION
  • Behaviour and system change for a circular economy -- Jennifer Macklin, Behaviourworks Australia - PRESENTATION
  • Fostering repair and reuse behaviors through city programming -- Madelyn Morgan, City of Austin - PRESENTATION

The World is not Enough -- Reconciliation in our Day to Day: SESSION VIDEO

  • Building Relationships day to day -- Judy Pelly, Saskatoon Survivors' Circle
  • Truth and Reconciliation through Treaty Implementation – a roadmap to advance your organization’s journey -- Rhett Sangster, Office of the Treaty Commissioner - PRESENTATION
  • Call to Action 92: Left Foot, Right Foot, Left Foot… -- Nick Wright, Engcomp - PRESENTATION

Never Say Never Again -- Closing Keynote Speaker: SESSION VIDEO

  • Strengthening the Common Bond: Five Perspective Challenges for Effective Leadership -- David White, Executive Coach, Business Owner - PRESENTATION

Moonraker -- Exploring Multi-Unit Organics: SESSION VIDEO

  • From pilot to program – the path to Multi-Unit Organics in Saskatoon -- Daniel Mireault, City of Saskatoon - PRESENTATION
  • Countertop Composters -- a solution to Multi-Unit/Small Business Organics? -- Lisa Howse, SWRC - PRESENTATION

Live and Let Di(vert) -- Applying Collection Technologies: SESSION VIDEO

  • Revolutionizing Recycling: AI-Driven Reduction of Residential Contamination -- Sam Dietrich, Prairie Robotics - PRESENTATION
  • Data and Discussion – The Journey of Optimizing Collection Routes -- James Nicholls & Jeff Gunderson, City of Lethbridge - PRESENTATION

Die Another Day -- Climate Adaptation: SESSION VIDEO

  • Climate Adaptation Engagement: Don’t Waste an Opportunity -- Raene Barber, City of Lethbridge - PRESENTATION
  • Climate Change on the Prairies and how it will impact our communities -- Kerra Chomlak, ClimateWest - PRESENTATION

Dr. No (Waste) -- Advancing Extended Producer Responsibility Programs: SESSION VIDEO

  • Packaging and Paper: Saskatchewan -- Kelly Goyer, Multi-Material Stewardship Western
  • Packaging and Paper: Alberta -- Gabrielle Betts, Alberta Recycling Management Authority - PRESENTATION
  • Electronics -- Gayleen Creelman, Electronic Products Recycling Association - PRESENTATION
  • Used Oil Materials -- Ethan Richardson, Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corporation
  • Tires -- Stevyn Arnt, Tire Stewardship Saskatchewan - PRESENTATION
  • Household Hazardous Products and Paint -- Mannie Cheung, Product Care - PRESENTATION
  • Household Batteries -- Kristen Romilly, Call2Recycle - PRESENTATION
  • Agricultural Plastics -- Tammy Shields, Cleanfarms