SWRC Events

Other Events

  1. Conference on Canadian Stewardship

    November 5-7, 2019
    Vancouver, BC

  2. COMPOST2020: US Composting Council Conference and Trade Show

    January 28-31, 2020
    North Charleston, SC, USA

  3. Plastics Recycling 2020

    February 17-19, 2020
    Nashville, TN USA

Past SWRC Events and Proceedings

  1. Waste Reduction Week

    Waste Reduction Week in Canada

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  2. Fall Workshops 2017

    Connect with colleagues and get updates on the latest waste reduction topics.

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  3. 2014 Fall Workshops

    Regional Workshops on current waste reduction topics.

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  4. Kindersley Workshop

    Part of SWRC's Regional Workshop series, the Kindersley workshop will feature a discussion on starting a waste management region.

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  5. Waste ReForum 2014

    Solving the Puzzle Together: Co-conference for SWRC and SWANA Northern Lights

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  6. Just Eat It Film & Panel Discussion

  7. Compost Field Day 2014

    A practical workshop for those interested in larger-scale, low-tech composting.

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