Waste Consultation Service:

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council's waste reduction consultation service aims to help business owners, building managers and operational staff reduce waste and waste-associated cost. By analyzing a organization's waste streams, we can help develop priorities for diverting waste from landfill and for minimizing resource use. These strategies also typically save money.

Why Reduce Waste:

  • Two-thirds of the waste in Saskatchewan landfills comes from Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) sectors
  • Recycling programs exist in most communities. Nearly all businesses have local recycling options.
  • Companies who find ways to achieve their goals using fewer resources can save money
  • Many employees seek companies who have environmental and social objectives
  • Business are increasingly taking responsibility as corporate citizens and community members to reduce environmental impact and encourage good practices
  • Waste audits may be used to obtain sustainability and best management certification

How We Can Help:

  • Conducting waste characterization studies
  • Outlining options and methods for waste reduction and diversion
  • Providing feedback on ways to reduce disposal costs
  • Developing integrated waste reduction plans
  • Designing educational programs and toolkits
  • Carrying out follow-up assessments to track performance
  • Conducting waste assessments and audits for sustainability certification