Welcome to The Two Twenty!

the two-twenty

SWRC, and its sister organization the Sask. Environmental Society, relocated to new office space in June 2011.  We came to rest in a newly-renovated space on 20th Street West known as “The Two Twenty”.

“The Two Twenty Community and Coworking Space is a workspace where entrepreneurs, artists, professionals, freelancers and innovators can benefit from the synergy created by groups of inspired people sharing the same creative or professional space.”

The Two Twenty is a membership-based organization with flexible options that suit how much and when you need access to the community and co-working space. This includes shared equipment and furniture, boardroom, meeting rooms, conference rooms, a copy centre, event space, and a kitchen.

Better than all that in our minds is that the renovations were done with an environmentally friendly mindset.  To begin with, the long, narrow, north-south upper floor has windows between every office – not great for privacy, mind you, but terrific for letting everyone have some natural light.  A pair of celestory windows installed in the old roof-top heating unit roof openings adds even more light to the wide hallway between the offices. 

 Reclaimed materials were used wherever possible, many from right nearby.  The glass for the whiteboards and directories was from the Habitat ReStore just two blocks away. A grain bin blocks off shelving in one meeting room (called, as one might guess, “the bin”), and the reclaimed vinegar wood (from vinegar vats) used for the stage in the CoWorking space, in the coffee shop (The Collective Coffee) and many other places was from the Riversdale neighbourhood.  Steel rails on the Collective Coffee counter are from the old Toon’s Kitchen restaurant that was nearby.  The wood fire-rated doors in the coffee shop were from Anthony’s. Fir joists from Fairbanks Warehouse were used for the cream and sugar station and front window counter of the coffee shop.
 Collective Coffee    The Collective Coffee counter

Dual-flush, low-flow toilets were installed in the bathrooms, which have lights triggered by motion sensors .

The new furnaces, heat recovery/air exchange units and air conditioning condensors are all high efficiency.  The new Xerox Colour Qube printer/copier uses solid ink, and is very green.

Paint is low VOC (Benjamin Moore), and carpet tiles were used for easy partial replacement, as was the vinyl tile in the halls and washrooms.

Recycling is being provided to all tenants in the office. Composting is currently being collected both for SWRC’s vermi bin, and for a pair of outdoor composting bins.

So come see our bright, new space.  We’re in #208, 220-20th St. West, and we’d love to show you around!

[Source: August 2011 WasteWatch ]