Bouncing on Saskatchewan Playgrounds

Consider the basic rubber ball. You can throw it, with considerable force, against a very hard surface. Does it collapse or shatter? No, it just absorbs all that energy and bounces back to you.

Tires have similar properties. While generally being too unwieldy to play catch with, they can absorb the shocks provided by uneven roads and speed bumps with relative ease. It shouldn't be surprising then to see crumb rubber being used to absorb shocks in playgrounds.

rubber playground

Studies have shown that rubber crumb can protect children from falls from a greater height than any other playground material. In addition, rubber crumb allows drainage, generates very little dust and has very low maintenance costs: it needs raking occasionally, but doesn't require replenishing like some other playground materials.

Saskatchewan communities are beginning to see the advantages of rubber crumb as a playground surface. Playgrounds in Weyburn, Willow Bunch, Saskatoon, Whitewood, Middle Lake, and Assiniboia have all incorporated this great recycled material.

For more information on the benefits of using crumb rubber in playgrounds, contact the Sask. Scrap Tire Corp. at 306-721-8473 or email [email protected].

[Source: October 2003 WasteWatch ]