CRD Reuse and Recycling Options

The following table is from a Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment document, Construction and Demolition Waste.

C&D Activity Separated Materials Possible Re-use/
Recycling Options
Road Reconstruction Asphalt Crushed and mixed with new asphalt, fill material, road subbase
(without rebar)
Road subbase, re-used in concrete, concrete blocks, fill material, rip-rap on roads and lagoons
(with rebar)
Fill material, rip-rap
Separated rebar, metal signs, sign posts and guardrails, culverts Re-use for original purpose, Processing at a steel mill (EVRAZ)
Fill Materials
(earth, gravel, sand)
Clean fill material, landscaping material, landfill cover
Excavation/Levelling Topsoil Landscaping, residential fill, landfill cover, agricultural
Sand Fill, residential, road construction
Stones Rip-rap, fill, landscaping
Earth contaminated with wood, buried utilities Fill, possible landfill cover
Site Clearance Trees and Brush Firewood, chipping for landscaping, composting
Soils Landscaping fill, agricultural fill, residential fill
Mixed Concrete, Rubble, Sand and Steel Land reclamation fill
Building C&D Material - Reusable Clean Bricks, Whole Cindercrete Blocks, Concrete or Stone Facades, Tiles, Ceramics, concrete roofing tiles Resale for re-use for original purpose;Resale for landscaping;Use for permanent roadway construction in landfills
Undamaged Windows and Doors Resale for re-use
Undamaged metal siding or roofing
Undamaged vinyl siding
Wooden Cabinets, Counters, Flooring, Staircases, and Trim
Plumbing and Electrical Fittings
Clean insulation
Wooden Beams and Facades
Building C&D Material - Recyclable Broken Bricks, Cindercrete Blocks, concrete roof tiles, Concrete and Stone Facades, Tiles, Ceramics Resale for landscaping Crushed Clean fill for road subbase, roadways, and rip-rap;Use for stabilization of roadbases or fill at landfills Clean fill for land reclamation
Broken window glass, glass fixtures Recycling at Glass Recycler (Canosphere) Recycling for glasphalt mix; Recycling for use with rubber crumb
Broken wooden beams, trim, wood scrap, trees Chipping or shredding for landscaping, composting, fuel source
Metal girders, supports, rebar, damaged metal siding, roofing Recycling at a steel mill (EVRAZ)
Scrap Aluminum door and window frames Sale to scrap dealer; recycling at an aluminum smelter





[Source: March 2001 WasteWatch ]