NatureMill Electric Composter

What is a Naturemill electric composter?

NatureMill electric composters are small, electric appliances that process moderate amounts of food waste rapidly into compost. Materials need to be chopped and balanced with sawdust pellets and baking soda. They can be purchased here.

  • Plug in the NatureMill.
  • Follow the instructions for first time start-up; this includes adding 2 cups of soil.
  • Add two handfuls of shredded paper or sawdust to the upper chamber at the start of each cycle.
  • Chop waste items into 1-2" pieces and add to the upper chamber. Items can be added at any time as long as the chamber is less than half full. Acidic items like citrus or pineapple should be limited.
  • Add a dash of baking soda with each addition of food to reduce acidity.
  • When the compost in the upper chamber looks dark and crumbly (every 5-14 days), push the button transfer compost into the lower chamber. Begin a new cycle in the upper chamber.
  • After several cycles the FULL light will indicate that the lower chamber is ready to be harvested.

The NatureMill electric composter is an impressive machine for its small size. While it does make some noise and can jam when overfilled, it turns small volumes of food scraps into usable compost quickly and autonomously.

What composting style does it fit?

A NatureMill electric composter is a slightly more finicky indoor method than bokashi buckets or vermicomposting, but still simple enough that it can work well for both hands-off and hands-on composters. It works best for people who like high-tech gadgets and following recipes.

What space does it need?

A Naturemill electric composter needs an indoor space with an available outlet.

How does it work?

NatureMill electric composters are a form of aerated composting on a very small scale. Like all aerated compost methods, it requires 5 things to function smoothly:

  • Oxygen (air)
  • Moisture
  • Green material*
  • Brown material**
  • Soil or finished compost.

*Green materials are nitrogen-rich, fresh stuff such as green plants, grass clippings, and kitchen waste. 

**Brown materials are carbon-rich, weathered stuff such as dead leaves, dead plants, sticks, woodchips, and shredded paper products.

NatureMill composters automatically mix and aerate their contents. Because they also heat the contents, it is safe to add meat, fish, and dairy products as well as the usual food waste. This food waste will have enough moisture in it. Food waste makes up the green materials, and sawdust pellets are used for brown materials. Two cups of soil are added the first time the NatureMill is used to establish a population of decomposition microbes.

The NatureMill makes an audible humming noise and periodic mixing noises.

Can you use it all year?

The NatureMill electric composter is an indoor system and can be used all year.

Testing it out:


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