SWRC Master Composter Training

The SWRC provides compost education known as the Master Composter program. In this program, local volunteers are trained in home compost techniques as well as presentation skills so that they can then run compost education programs in their communities. Generally, the municipality pays for this training and in return the trained Master Composters donate back a set number of hours working on composting programs in their community.

Master Composter training sessions generally involved a weekend in which volunteers are given a combination of in-depth instruction and hands-on training. The course includes an up-to-date book on household composting (the exact title varies from year to year), our Master Composter manual, and copies of our different composting pamphlets. The SWRC’s Compost Education Coordinator, Lisa Howse, organizes this training along with other Master Composters.

Once trained, Master Composters can be directed to a variety of activities to carry out their time commitment. These depend on the preferences of the municipality and the volunteers' own personal interest areas. Some have arranged composting education sessions for their local churches, community gardens, or other community groups. Some staff booths at gardening shows, while others education their neighbours or offer home consultation visits. The SWRC can help with ideas of what might work best for your community.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information or pricing details.