Composting means breaking food and yard waste down into a useful soil amendment. It requires helpful decomposition microbes and an oxygen-rich environment.

Composting at home is one of the simplest and most effective ways to decrease the amount of garbage we make. It also prevents methane pollution from forming at the landfill, where food and yard waste break down in an oxygen-starved environment. Plus it recycles nutrients and helps us build healthy, fertile soil for our plants and gardens.

Check out the SWRC's Composting in 60 Seconds video series to learn how to get started!


Composting in 60 Seconds video series:

Choosing a Compost Bin in 60 Seconds

Backyard Composting in 60 Seconds

Trench Composting in 60 Seconds

Using Finished Compost in 60 Seconds

Vermicomposting in 60 Seconds

Bokashi Composting in 60 Seconds

Winter Composting in 60 Seconds


What Style is Right for You?

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Using a backyard compost bin may be the most well-known method of composting, but it isn't the only way! There are a variety of home compost methods to fit every household.

Take the COMPOST QUIZ to find out what style fits for you! Or check out the links on the right for a detailed explanation of several different methods.

In 2014 the SWRC teamed up with the City of Saskatoon and City of Regina to test out 26 different ways to compost. You can see the whole report here.


The Saskatoon Compost Coaches

The Saskatoon Compost Coaches are a volunteer group coordinated by the SWRC and paid for by the City of Saskatoon. Residents of Saskatoon can ask the Compost Coaches for advice or a free home visit. Messages are returned within one business day.

Phone: (306) 931-3249

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Saskatoon Compost Coaches

Residents of Saskatoon can also take advantage of the City's $20 rebate on newly purchased compost bins or rain barrels.


Large-Scale Composting

Composting can also be scaled up to fit municipal, commercial, or institutional needs. Check out our Large-Scale Composting page for more information.