City of Saskatoon Composter / Rain Barrel Rebate

The City of Saskatoon offers $20 rebates to city residents who purchase a rain barrel and/or compost bin. Each household is eligible for one rebate per new item per year. Institutions, schools, community gardens and businesses are also eligible as long as the items are used for educational purposes.

For more information, contact the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council at (306) 931-3242.

Rebate options include:

1. Purchasing an item from a licensed business. Locall retailers preferred. Items can be new or used. Submissions must include a copy of the receipt.

2. Purchasing materials to build your own compost bin or rain barrel, from a licensed business. Submissions must include a copy of the receipt, a photo of the purchased supplies, and a photo of the finished rain barrel and/or compost bin.

Please note: This rebate does NOT apply to:

  • kitchen compost collection pails
  • the City of Saskatoon's green cart subscription fee


Options for submitting your rebate form:

    ONLINE: Click here

    BY EMAIL: scan PDF form and receipt and email to: [email protected]

    BY FAX: Print PDF form and fax form and receipt to: 306-955-5852

    BY MAIL or IN PERSON: Print PDF form and send/bring form and receipt to:
             Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council
             #208, 220 20th St. W
             Saskatoon, SK S7M 0W9