Real Christmas Tree Disposal Recommendations by Community

Estevan — Dec 27 - Jan 15, 2024

  • Each year the Estevan Kin Clubs supply a containment bin for the controlled disposal of Christmas trees for City of Estevan residents. The bin will be placed on the East side of the Cemetery Road, South of the cemetery gates.

  • This bin is for organic tree waste only. No garbage or plastic bags. Be sure to remove all ornaments from the trees before disposing.

Lloydminster Curbside Collection & Landfill Drop-Off — Dec 27 - Jan 20, 2024

  • Residential Curbside Collection – From January 8 to 12, 2024, natural, undecorated Christmas trees will be accepted as part of curbside collection. Simply place your tree on the curbside by to 7 a.m. on your collection day and the City will remove it for you.

  • Landfill Drop-off – From December 27, 2023, to January 20, 2024, natural, undecorated Christmas trees will accepted at the landfill.
    All trees collected through these methods will be mulched and donated back to the community.

Moose Jaw

  • Residents may drop off their natural Christmas trees in the designated area at the Community Bulk Recycling Depot (1050 High St. West) anytime after December 26th, OR you can leave your Christmas tree near your waste collection bin and they will be picked up by collection crews, beginning January 15, 2024, in Zone 1.

North Battleford — Dec 27 - Jan 31, 2024

  • The City of North Battleford will be recycling Christmas trees into chips for mulch. The mulch is used in tree and shrub beds, improving growth by retaining moisture and suppressing weed growth. All lights, string, wire, ornaments, tinsel, and fake snow must be removed before dropping off your tree. Materials left on trees can damage City equipment and become mixed in the mulch, degrading its usefulness. There are two free drop-off locations available to residents.

  • City of North Battleford Parks Shop located at 11202 - 8th Avenue. Available until January 31st, open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

  • Waste Management Facility without fees until Saturday, January 28th. Regular fees for Christmas trees will be applied resuming on February 1st. The Waste Management Facility is open Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, with no admittance past 5:45 pm.

Prince Albert — Until Jan 31, 2024

  • The City is requesting that Prince Albert Residents drop off their Christmas Trees, free of charge, at the City Landfill by January 31, 2024. All decorations should be removed from the trees. If trees are placed in plastic tree bags, these bags will have to be removed before drop off. Follow the signs to the clean woodpile area at the landfill, where the trees should be placed.

Regina Treecycle Program — Dec 26 - Jan 31, 2024

  • Free Christmas Tree Drop off at the Fleet Street Landfill for composting. Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • While tinsel and garlands add a festive sparkle, please be sure your tree has no decorations and is not in a tree disposal bag when dropping off at the depot.

  • Smaller trees can be cut and placed in your green organics cart for bi-weekly collection or dropped off at the Treecycle Program.

Saskatoon Christmas Tree Compost Drop-off — Dec 26 - Jan 31, 2024 (Closed Jan 1st)

  • Drop off at the Material Recovery Centre, Sort & Go - 42 Valley Road, near the landfill. Hours of operation: 7:30am-5:00pm; 7 days a week (excluding January 1).
  • Live (natural) trees only. Artificial trees should be sold, donated, or disposed of at the Landfill. Trees should be unwrapped and unbound.

  • Remove all decorations, ornaments, and plastic bags before dropping off your tree. Even small bits of tinsel or plastic can impact the quality of the wood chips. 

  • The City will not pick up trees from back lanes, street fronts or curbside collection carts.

  • Small twigs and tree trimmings that are no more than 60 centimetres in length and 2 centimetres in diameter are accepted in the green cart.

Swift Current Christmas Tree Collection Program — Dec 26 - Jan 7, 2024

  • Simply drop your tree off at one of the following locations, and Santa and his team will take care of it from there… The trees collected in the bin at the disposal sites are taken to the City Landfill's Clean Wood Site.
    • North Side - Credit Union InnovationPlex parking lot
    • South Side - Fairview Pool lot
    • West Side - Truck Water Fill Station (North Service Rd W)
    • East Side - City Landfill
  • You can also take your tree directly to the City Landfill if you so choose, free of charge for this same duration.

Warman — Jan 2-14, 2024

  • The bin will be set up on the east side of Diamond Arena parking lot (2 Pacific Ave.) for Warman residents to dispose of their real Christmas trees. This service will be available from January 2-14.

  • The bin will be monitored by Loraas Disposal North Ltd., so check back the next day if it’s full when you go to drop off your tree.

  • Residents are asked to please place trees fully in the bin. If the bin is full, please allow for it to be emptied before disposing of your tree in the compost bin. We also ask that only compostable items such as trees are placed in the bins – no artificial decorations (tinsel, garland, etc.) or any general household garbage.

Weyburn Christmas Tree Pick Up — Jan 14, 2024

  • The Young Fellows will be picking up real Christmas trees left curbside by the second weekend of January.  

White City Christmas Tree Pick Up — Jan 2-12, 2024

  • Town staff will start picking up your used Christmas tree once the new year begins. Please make sure all decorations and lights are removed from the tree before placing it on your driveway with the stump facing towards the road. Town staff will be driving around collecting trees continuously throughout the days.

Yorkton Christmas Tree Drop-off Site — Dec 25 - Jan 16, 2024

  • You can drop off your natural Christmas tree for free at the drop off area in the Gallagher Centre Parking Lot.

  • ALL decorations, lights, tinsel, stands, nails and tree bags MUST be removed prior to placing your tree curbside.