Waste to Energy Workshop (Virtual)
December 3, 2020

presented by SWRC and SWANA Northern Lights

Waste to Energy technologies include thermal treatment technologies such as gasification and pyrolysis, biological systems and waste to fuels. How do these technologies work and what are the economic and environmental implications for managing waste? What role does Waste to Energy have as we promote reduction and recycling in Saskatchewan? How does it fit in a Circular Economy?

Thanks to Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment for sponsorship support.

Matt Hamilton, Environment Canada -- A Federal Perspective on Thermal Treatment Technologies VIDEO


Matt has over 20 years of engineering and management experience, focused mainly on municipal solid waste. For the past 12 years, he has been with Environment and Climate Change Canada, leading waste management and pollution prevention programs. Prior to that, Matt worked for the City of Ottawa, and as an engineering consultant in Canada and the US.







Dominique Turcotte, Chris Gray and Jeff Dereniwski, SK Ministry of Environment -- Provincial Considerations for Waste to Energy and Incineration Technologies VIDEO



Dominique Turcotte works as a Senior Environment Protection Officer for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment in the Landfills Section. Parts of her job entails travelling throughout the province aiding communities in correct disposal of solid waste. In her spare time, she enjoys doing crafts and playing music with her young children.







Chris Gray is a Senior Air Quality Analyst for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.










Jeff is a Senior Environmental Assessment Administrator with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment’s Environmental Assessment and Stewardship Branch. Jeff provides advice to industry clients regarding the legal and policy requirements of environmental assessments in Saskatchewan. He also leads the interministerial and intergovernmental reviews of proposed projects, coordinates public participation in the environmental assessment process, and develops recommendations regarding the environmental acceptability of major resource, industrial and public sector projects proposed in the Province.

Prior to his current role within the Ministry of Environment, Jeff has previously been a member of the solid waste, industrial, and air quality groups responsible for regulating facilities in the province.

Steve Jenkins, Energy & Chemicals Consulting -- Introduction to Gasification and Pyrolysis


Steve Jenkins has 44 years of experience in the process chemical and power industries, with a specialization in permitting, engineering, design, and operation of gasification facilities using coal, pet coke, biomass, biosolids, municipal solid waste and blends, for generating electricity and for producing chemicals, gaseous and liquid fuels, and ammonia-based fertilizers. Steve has worked on multiple projects around the world, using feedstocks as small as 50 lbs/hr of biomass and as large as 10,000 tons/day of coal, producing a wide range of downstream products. More recently, he has focused on biomass and municipal solid waste gasification projects, and has prepared detailed solid waste conversion technology studies for municipalities and regions in the USA and Canada. He is well-known in the industry for his “Introduction to Gasification” workshops, which he has given dozens of times at conferences and to various academic, regulatory, environmental advocacy and legal groups.




SK Technology Panel   — VIDEO


 Peter Voldeng -- VDQ-NRG Systems


Peter Voldeng is an innovative engineer with an extensive background in business and industry. He thrives on developing design concepts, growth strategies, engineering processes and development, and has a strong engineering understanding of industrial, commercial, and municipal infrastructure systems.

Peter Voldeng is the Founder and President of VDQ-NRG Systems.  VDQ-NRG is an innovative clean technology company, repurposing landfill waste into alternative energy sources and valuable byproducts, with a focus on being environmentally sustainable and economically viable.


Jamie Bakos -- Titan Carbon Smart Technologies


Jamie is the founder and President and CEO of Titan Clean Energy Projects Corporation located in Craik, Saskatchewan.Titan has developed a pyrolytic carbon capture technology that converts waste biomass into valuable products and energy with uses across many sectors. 


Jamie graduated from the first accredited environmental engineering program in Canada in Guelph, Ontario in 1993. Prior to starting Titan in 2008, Jamie spent seven years as Director of Clean Technologies at a leading international engineering, procurement, and construction firm in Toronto. 




Glen Smith -- Eco-Growth Environmental


Glen Smith is the Vice President & Co-Founder of Eco-Growth Environmental, Glen oversees operations, business development, in-house and virtual tours .Glen is from Prince Albert and currently resides in Cochrane Alberta.

Eco-Growth Environmental Inc. was born at Executive Mat Service Calgary, a large industrial laundry. In looking at their internal waste biomass and their clients’ waste biomass, they began understanding how to prep and use these feedstocks as a carbon-neutral fuel source. The company developed and manufactures the first carbon-negative cleaning centre using Refuse Derived Biomass(RDB).


Peter Klaassen, Tetra Tech — The Canadian Experience with Waste to Energy Technologies  VIDEO


Peter is the Vice President for the Solid Waste Management Practice for Tetra Tech in Ontario and Manitoba. He is a senior environmental practitioner with more than 28 years of solid waste experience undertaking projects regarding system design, system planning, environmental planning, waste management engineering, and financial assessment throughout Canada, the US, Middle East, and Central Asia. Peter has undertaken numerous Waste to Energy projects in Canada and the US with both private and public sector clients.  The work has included technology reviews and design recommendations for existing Waste to Energy facilities.  Prior to consulting Peter managed three Waste to Energy Plants in Canada.