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SWRC Waste ReForum 2023 - Presentations & Videos

 May 24-26, 2023
Sheraton Cavalier Hotel, Saskatoon, SK

 From increasing emphasis on the circular economy, to plastic pollution prevention, to volatile recycling prices, our world is changing rapidly. Join us to explore the opportunities in technology, partnerships, and policy that will move Saskatchewan toward becoming waste-free.

Opening Keynote Speaker -- Fostering a Circular Economy in Saskatchewan - Georgia Lavender, Synergy Foundation  Video  Pdf

An Array of Possibilities: Lightning Talks -- Session Video

  • John MacInnes – Reusable Takeout Containers - Video
  • Janel Edwards - Textile Diversion - Pdf
  • Laura Selanders – Small Appliances and Power Tools - Video
  • Rob Deglau – Landfill Triage - Pdf
  • Renee Lundahl – Reusable Bags - Video
  • Ben Brodie – Construction / Demolition Diversion - Pdf
  • Michael Gillan – Refillable Windshield Washer Fluid - Video
  • Katie Burns – Province-wide Landfill bans - Pdf
  • Tonny Colyn – Textile Diversion & Recovery - Video
  • Nancy Broten – Book Boxer - Pdf

Stem to Stern -- New Tech for Improving Operations - Session Video  [minor tech issues at beginning]

  • Applying AI and Robotics to Improve the Economics of Material Recovery -- Zach Gomez, AMP Robotics  Pdf
  • From Scale to Stakeholders: How to report on waste data accurately and efficiently -- Rocky Strong, Strong Data
  • Measure What Matters -- Luke Dixon, Civil Tracker - Pdf
 The Whole Shebang -- Update from the provinces - Session video
  • Extended Producer Responsibility in B.C. -- Gwendolyn Lohbrunner, BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy - Pdf
  • Alberta Update on Extended Producer Responsibility -- Christina Seidel, Recycling Council of Alberta - Pdf
  • Saskatchewan’s Waste Diversion Programs -- Brienne Bennett, Ministry of Environment - Pdf
 From Root to Tip --Advances in Wood Waste Recycling & Reuse - Session Video
  • The Potential of Biomass -- Jamie Bakos, Titan Clean Energy Projects - Pdf
  • Transforming the Past into the Future -- Ian Loughran, Vereco - Pdf

From Beginning to End -- First Nation, Northern & Remote Community Waste Reduction - Session Video

  • Empowering the Next Generation: Recycling on Reserve through Education in Schools -- Breanna Salm, Saskatchewan Aboriginal Land Technicians - Pdf
  • From Waste to Action: First Nations Waste Management in Manitoba -- Amy Smith & Jordan Guiboche, Green Action Manitoba - Pdf
  • The North West Waste Region -- Collin McGuire, Ministry of Environment -- Pdf

Scoping it out -- The Future of EPR in Saskatchewan (panel) -- Session Video

  • Ethan Richardson, Sask. Association for Resource Recovery Corp.
  • Christina Seidel, Recycling Council of Alberta
  • John Cardella, Nespresso Canada
  • Jay Illingworth, Electronic Products Recycling Association
  • Wes Kotyk, Sask Ministry of Environment

Reuse Success Stories  - Session Video

  • QUIL: Learnings from Canada's first, zero-waste shipping network -- Mehwish Panjwani
  • The Journey of Reuse with Muuse -- Brittany Gamez - Pdf
  • Sustainable Sustainability – Environmental AND Financial Returns -- Marty Metro, UsedCardboardBoxes

Closing Keynote Speaker -- Exploring Trash Fiction(s) -- Sandy Bonny, Univ of Saskatchewan