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Concurrent Session: Fact Checking -- De-bunking Myths around Organics

Thursday, April 28, 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Prince Albert Room
         Sponsored by Emterra

Moderator: Lisa Howse, SWRC

Promising Practices in Food Reclamation in Saskatoon - Rachel Engler-Stringer, University of Saskatchewan

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Dr. Rachel Engler-Stringer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology in the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan and a researcher with the Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit. She is the chair of the Saskatoon Food Council. She is currently the principal investigator on a curriculum-integrated universal school lunch program intervention study. She has a doctorate in Nutrition and her research interests include community food security, food environments and food access, food system sustainability, health promotion, and community-based and participatory research.

Best Kept Secrets of Composting - Keri Sapsford

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 Keri Sapsford is the owner of the Backyard and Compost Corner where she helps people to create a healthy environment through her Composting Services, landscape supplies, gardening supplies, events and workshops.

What started as a chore on the Farm, turned into a love for gardening and food, which turned into a love for soil and composting!  She is passionate about educating people on the benefits of Composting both for waste diversion and it’s positive benefit for the health of the soil.


Regina's Curbside Food & Yard Waste Pilot Outcomes - Keneni Debia, City of Regina

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Keneni Debia is an engineer at the City of Regina in the Water, Waste and Environment Department. Keneni has been working on Regina’s food and yard waste diversion project since 2018 and is passionate about leveraging data to inform service decisions and organic waste processing.





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