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Lightning Session: New Story Ideas -- Circular Economy Innovations

Thursday, April 28th, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Capital A Room
     Sponsored by Electronic Products Recycling Association - Saskatchewan

Moderator: Gayleen Creelman, EPRA-SK

Recycled Rubber Paving and Landscaping -- Shercom Industries: Dave Soubolsky

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Dave has been the VP of Sales and Marketing for Shercom Industries for the past six years. In that role, he is responsible for market development, product development, retail and commercial dealer development. Dave was born and raised in Saskatchewan and, prior to Shercom, was a retail business owner for 35 years.




Zero Waste Dental Tabs -- Change Toothpaste: Damien Vince

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I was raised in a family of recyclers. We composted, grew our own food, and tried to minimize our environmental impact, but when I moved out, those habits fell away.  With my kids becoming more aware, I’ve realized I need to do more and take the initiative into my own hands. In partnership with Mike, sustainability has become a top priority, and it is invigorating to explore the possibilities this sector holds.
 With Change Toothpaste, I’ve not only been able to learn how to teach people about sustainability, but I’ve learned how to expand my own horizons as well.

Upcycled Sailcloth -- Salt Legacy: Meaghan McDonald

Speaker picSalt Legacy is a company born on the water. After spending several years working on and under the water; Meaghan McDonald, founder and CEO of Salt Legacy, experienced firsthand the devastating effects waste and microplastics have on local marine ecosystems. Salt Legacy’s goal is to build strong connections between individuals and the ocean, while raising awareness on alternative practices towards upcycling. Salt Legacy aims to reintroduce outdoor enthusiasts to a custom handmade product line mainly constructed from upcycled-journeyed sails (from sailboats). Our products range from simple goods to more complex West Coast inspired adventure backpacks.

Online Circulation of Used Goods -- Hyon Software: Kristy Ehman

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Kristy Ehman is the CEO of Hyon Software Inc - a tech company making it easy to keep used goods in circulation and out of landfills. Hyon has been working with both public and private sector organizations to help improve transparency around asset disposal. Kristy is on the board of Saskatchewan Trade and Export and is currently a part of two technology incubators in the province - CoLabs and Cultivator.


The Laundry Ball Protecting your Clothes and the Ocean -- Cora Ball: Rachael Miller

Speaker picRachael Zoe Miller is an expedition scientist, inventor, National Geographic Explorer and Explorers Club Fellow working to protect the ocean. She is the Founder of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, a nonprofit working on the problem of marine debris and co-inventor of the Cora Ball, the world’s first microfiber-catching laundry ball. Rachael leads teams on expeditions whose scientific results are published in peer-reviewed journals and education programs that inspire thousands of people of all ages. She’s presented at venues worldwide including on the TedX stage and at The Explorer’s Club. Rachael captains the 60’ sailing research vessel, American Promise, certified hundreds of people to be sailing instructors, trained Navy SEALS to find unexploded mines using underwater robots, pitched to audiences at Our Ocean and Plastics Europe and mentors young scientists at the New York Harbor School. She lives in Vermont, loves the snow as much as the sea and does her best thinking on skis, bikes or paddleboards.

The Trickle Down Effect of Upcycling -- GroundUp Eco-Ventures: Shawn Leggett

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Shawn is the president and founder of GroundUp eco-ventures. “I fell in love with the concepts of circular economies and upcycling over three years ago. I love the opportunities that are possible and the positive effects it has on the environment and one’s health. I love being outdoors, spending time with family, and learning more about sustainability and the opportunities that lay ahead!” 


Postive Impact through Fashion -- Refashion My Town: Tze Ching Yeung

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Tze Ching Yeung, founder of Refashion My Town and previous owner of Jake and Maya, a sustainable kids fashion brand for over 10 years. She believes the most effective way to make a positive impact is not to produce more sustainable clothing, but is to try and change people’s perception of fashion and consumerism as a whole. She launched Refashion My Town in 2019, to help teach and encourage young people to make a positive impact through fashion.


Only - Menstrual Products - Kat Plouffe

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Kat Plouffe is the co-founder and CEO of Only. She was born in Hamilton and moved to Ottawa to get her degree in Cultural Anthropology & Sociology from Carleton University. Kat now works full-time for Only which was launched just 4 months ago after almost 6 years of work to get it up and running.



Zero Waste Beauty -- River Stone Naturals: Kelly Taylor-Faye

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A cosmetics formulator of 10 years, Kelly and her partner Willow have built a natural skincare product line from the ground up. With 42 Health Canada registered products, their business is run completely with solar and wind generation, straw bale construction of their studio, and a rain-water catchment system. Every decision they make is always weighted with health and sustainability at the fore front.



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