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Concurrent Session: The Plot Thickens-- Sharing Economy

Thursday, April 28, 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Prince Albert Room
       Sponsored by K-Light Recycling

Moderator: Nolan Hubbard-Richards, SARCAN Recycling

Community Infrastructure for Equipment Lending -- Chris Diplock, The Thingery

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A leader in Vancouver’s collaborative economy, Chris Diplock is the Founder of The Thingery, the parent organization of neighbourhood Thingery branches. The Thingery focuses on the development of community equipment lending libraries of things (a Thingery). Chris has extensive experience in Vancouver Sharing Economy, having co-founded The Vancouver Tool Library and lead a city-wide research project called The Sharing Project.



Don't Let Sports Equipment go to Waste -- Nicole Walchuk, City of Moose Jaw

Speaker picNicole is a Recreation Program Supervisor for the City of Moose Jaw, Parks and Recreation Department. She has been in the municipal Recreation Industry for approximately 14 years. Team sports was a huge part  of her childhood you could find her playing basketball, soccer, curling, rugby, and as a sprinter of the track & field Team. In her spare time she continues to play rugby, volleyball, and curls in the odd bonspiel. You can often find her walking her dog, going biking, camping, fishing and hunting. She enjoys watching her husband play baseball and seeing her toddler explore new recreation activities. She enjoys the outdoors and being active with her family! The enjoyment she got from sports, parks and recreation opportunities at a young age lead her to the Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Recreation & Tourism Management Diploma.

One of the programs she currently oversees is the Sports Equiment Vault. The program accepts used sports equipment and bikes and makes them available to others in the Community. The program helps break down barriers for Moose Javians to be physically active. The program has ran approxiamately 10 years it continues to grow and is completely free of charge, made possible by grant funding from Saskatchewan Lotteries. The program helps reuse sports equipment keeping it from going to waste and ending up in the landfill.

Community Fridges: Building an Ecological Society -- Eron Harris, Cathedral Community Fridge

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Eron is an online content educator, social media personality and activist of over a decade who's work and action has been internationally recognized.

He works within the prairies to create Solidarity through mutual aid and dual power structures while providing diverse education and operational systems. His education can be exemplified by his involvement and leadership within several of the community fridges around Regina, building of mutual aid networks, creation of food security resources, international mentorship for organizing, philosophical education, class division education and liberation methods, workplace democracy guidance, and much more towards the path of harmonious liberation and health.

His education work centers around how to build community and solidarity through mutual aid and direct action. He has produced several written works and video essays on this subject reaching about 1 million people.

His work with the people represents collective liberation, ecology, and autonomy towards a world where we are all happy, healthy, harmonious and absolutely free.

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