The Next Chapter

SWRC Waste ReForum 2022

April 27-29, 2022
Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Regina, SK

The Next Chapter explored the ways we can write the next chapter on waste reduction and circular economy in the province.

Wednesday, April 27

Workshop/Seminar: Background research -- Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions  Video
Aaron Wirth, Sask. Ministry of Environment   Presentation
Matt Regier, City of Saskatoon Presentation
Sean Homenick, SARCAN Recycling  Presentation      
Rolando Velasquez, Call2Recycle  Handout     
Greg Kuntz, City of Regina  Presentation
Brittney Casavant, Federated Cooperatives   Presentation

Thursday, April 28th

Keynote Speaker: Rewriting the Book on Waste -- Miriam Gordon, Upstream  Presentation  Video

Lightning Session: New Story Ideas -- Circular Economy Innovations Video
      Sponsored by Electronic Products Recycling Association

  • Recycled Rubber Paving and Landscaping -- Shercom
  • Zero Waste Dental Tabs -- Change Toothpaste
  • Upcycled Sailcloth -- Salt Legacy
  • Online Circulation of Used Goods -- Hyon Software
  • The Laundry Ball Protecting your Clothes and the Ocean -- Cora Ball
  • The Trickle Down Effect of Upcycling -- GroundUp Eco-Ventures
  • Postive Impact through Fashion -- Refashion My Town
  • Only - Menstrual Products
  • Zero Waste Beauty -- River Stone Naturals

Book Signing -- Successful Marketing/Education Campaigns Video
        Sponsored by Crown Shred & Recycling

Fact Checking -- De-bunking Myths around Organics
         Sponsored by Emterra

   A Plot Twist -- Illegal Dumping  Video
       Sponsored by Tire Stewardship of Saskatchewan

The Plot Thickens-- Sharing Economy   Video
       Sponsored by K-Light Recycling

Friday, April 29

Keynote Speaker: Zarqa Nawaz

Recycling the Next Chapter -- Green Technology Recycling  Video

The Landscape -- Provincial Updates  Video
       Sponsored by Product Care Recycling

Grassroots sponsor - Cleanfarms
Conference Environmental Performance sponsor - City of Regina