Parallel Path IV: The Home Front

Wednesday, April 28, 1:30 p.m. — 2:30 p.m.

New programs for Agricultural Plastics Tammy Shields, Cleanfarms

TSTammy has been the Western Regional Coordinator for Cleanfarms for over three years. based out of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. As Western Coordinator, she is excited to see the programs for agricultural plastics recycling develop across the prairies and to seek new opportunities for Cleanfarms to provide solutions that directly benefit producers and the environment. Tammy is a Professional Agrologist with 13 years of experience in delivering Stewardship programs with agriculture producers. She has been involved with recycling agricultural plastics since the first pilot in Saskatchewan, in 2010. 

Moving Forward Together — an update on Saskatchewan’s Solid Waste Management Strategy Brie Bennett & Pamela Berry


Brie Bennett is a Senior Waste Management Coordinator with the Waste Stewardship and Recycling Unit of the Ministry of Environment. Brie earned her Master’s degree in Sustainable Environmental Management from the University of Saskatchewan in 2010. Brie has been involved in waste management and recycling personally and professionally for over a decade and has a specific interest in organics waste management and composting.






Pamela Berry is a Senior Policy Analyst and Research Officer with the Waste Stewardship and Recycling Unit of the Ministry of Environment. With a Masters of Environment and Sustainability, Pamela is passionate about enhancing sustainability in all forms throughout our province. She is currently tasked with helping to implement the Solid Waste Management Strategy.




Leading the Charge: Saskatchewan’s Battery Collection and Recycling Program — Kristen Romilly & Chad Moussa, Call2Recycle


In her role as Western Canada Director for Call2Recycle Canada, Kristen oversees the provincially mandated consumer battery collection and recycling program in British Columbia and Manitoba and the newly launched battery program in Saskatchewan. Kristen works closely with a variety of stakeholders to increase battery recycling awareness and to maximize battery diversion from the waste stream. All batteries collected through Call2Recycle are safely and responsibly recycled.

Kristen holds a Master of Arts degree in communications and has experience helping organizations with environmental affairs, sustainability, and product stewardship.


CMChad joined Call2Recycle in 2020 as the Account Manager for Western Canada. He is excellent at relationship building and business development. In his role, he works closely with members and collection partners to ensure batteries stay out of landfills and are recycled according to the highest standards at the end of life.  Before joining Call2Recycle, Chad worked in various sales roles helping commercial and industrial customers in BC and Western Canada and had a chance to attend a few Municipalities of Saskatchewan (SUMA) conventions and trade shows in Saskatoon. Chad graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and later completed his MBA degree with a focus on Marketing.