Concurrent Session D: Using Technology to Solve Local Waste Problems

Kevin Pedretti

KPKevin Pedretti is the Business Development Manager for Scott Equipment’s Recycling Products Division.  He has over 25 years of experience in industrial processing systems, development, and applications.  Within his role at Scott Equipment, he is involved with design, engineering, fabrication, sales & marketing, and field support.  The Scott Turbo Separator is manufactured in Minnesota and sold worldwide through direct and indirect channels.  With over 350 systems sold, they have been the number one depackaging system worldwide for over 20 years.






Matt Risko

MRMatt Risko is the Canadian Sales Manager for Machinex Industries. Matt started working as a Sales Rep for Machinex Recycling Services, the service division of Machinex in Ontario, in 2009 and was promoted to Canadian Sales Manager for Machinex Industries in 2018. Matt is responsible for assisting clients across Canada with their waste sorting needs. Matt graduated from the University of Toronto in 2008 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree. Outside of work, Matt is enjoying his newfound passion, raising his now 11 month old son Parker.



Jeremy Lang

JLJeremy has always looked at things and wondered if it might be possible to make them better.
He founded Open Mind Developments (OMD) to look at today’s problems with a creative and open mind to develop innovative solutions.
He has always loved spending time in nature, especially at the pristine lakes and forests in northern Saskatchewan. But it wasn’t until Jeremy had children that he became more conscious and focused on keeping the environment pristine so future generations can enjoy the outdoors the same way we have.
Jeremy did a lot of camping when he was a child and his dad always taught him to leave the campsite cleaner than he found it, so the next person can enjoy it too.  That life lesson had quite an effect on him, as now he is just trying to do his part to help keep the ‘global campsite’ a little cleaner.