Keynote Speaker: Bringing Sustainability to Life - Kent Rathwell


Kent Rathwell
Founder & CEO
Sun Country Highway

Kent has a mission focused on global sustainability - to make a difference today and for future generations.

In 2007 Kent purchased and re-purposed Sun Country Farms as the most sustainable business in Saskatchewan. In 2012 Kent created Sun Country Highway. He electrified and traveled the ‘World’s Longest Green Highway’ without assistance or funding, creating massive awareness and momentum within the EV space. As a result of this and many other initiatives including Sun Country Organics, Sun Country Eco Rides and Sun Country Eco Store, Kent is truly ‘bringing sustainability to life’.

Kent and company have received many awards including ‘Best Automotive Solution’ – The 2013 New Economy Clean Tech Awards. In 2016 was named Canada’s Clean16, Manufacturing and Transportation.