We Can Work it Out - Concurrent Session B:  Panel on Plastics

A panel of experts discuss current plastics issues -- bags, water bottles, clamshells, black plastic, polystyrene, China
     Sponsored by Canadian Plastics Industry Association

JHJoe Hruska, Canadian Plastics Industry Association

Joe Hruska is Vice-President of Sustainability at the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) where he leads the development and execution of sustainability, advocacy, and partnership programs to promote solutions that increase the recycling and recovery of plastics at end-of-life and that reduce marine litter.

Joe Hruska brings to this position a wealth of experience from various sectors including steel, petroleum, commercial banking, public policy and environmental protection. For more than 30 years, he has initiated product stewardship and environmental strategy policies and programs to promote positive change to drive the circular economy and sustainable materials management.

With his trademark leadership, vision and energy, he is the driving force behind an array of priority efforts at CPIA, including strengthening domestic end markets for used plastics resources, addressing impacts of domestic and international policies on plastic products and packaging, and analysing impacts and opportunities of plastics use and management throughout Canada.

Joe was a founding director and senior executive of the original Ontario Multi-Material Recycling Incorporated (OMMRI) where he worked to establish the Ontario Blue Box recycling system, markets for collected materials and policies in partnerships with industry and governments to support resource recovery. In 1996, he revisioned OMMRI into Corporations Supporting Recycling (CSR) to establish sustainable Blue Box Funding and stewardship programs in Ontario. In addition, he has been a director on the Recycling Council of Ontario and has provided advice and counsel as a director for other organizations, including Third Sector Recycling, Municipal Waste Integration Network and Collecte sélective Québec.

KBKeith Bechard, ReVital Polymers
Keith Bechard is leading the commercial start-up of ReVital Polymers Inc. following the purchase of the Entropex facility by industry veterans Emmie Leung and Tony Moucachen. Keith was the President of Entropex for 16 years before it became ReVital. ReVital is a plastic recycling company with an 180,000-square-foot facility that employs 80 management and staff who process 6,000 tonnes of waste plastic each month. Serving a Mid-West population corridor of 30 million people, stretching from Regina to St. John’s, the facility takes post-consumer 3-7 plastics and converts them into high value resins used in household products and automotive parts. ReVital’s system optically sorts plastic waste before it is ground, washed, dried, formulated and extruded. In 2017, they began the recovery of commercially viable black resins and continues its research into the recovery of difficult to recycle plastics.


Cory  Shaw, Crown Shred & Recycling

Cory is the General Manager of Crown Shred & Recycling in Regina. He has been with the company for twenty years, eleven years in Regina and before that, nine years at their Prince Albert location. Crown Shred operates a Material Recycling Facility in Regina and collects from commercial and multi-family units. They also offer recycling brokerage services and a public drop-off for a variety of products and materials.

Cory has a Human Resources Diploma from SIAST. He's also taken MRF operator training through SWANA and is a member of BOMA. He is married with three children and enjoys hockey, coaching his kids and golfing.




CSChristina Seidel, Recycling Council of Alberta

Christina holds a PhD in Engineering Management, a Masters degree in Environmental Design (Environmental Science), as well as a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering.  She operates sonnevera international corp., a waste reduction consulting firm, and is the current Executive Director of the Recycling Council of Alberta. She is also currently co-chair of the National Zero Waste Council’s Circular Economy Working Group.

Christina loves rural life, choosing to live on a farm near Bluffton, Alberta, where she and her family raise Warmblood horses and enjoy many other outdoor activities.