All You Need is Love - Concurrent Session A:  Tackling Consumption

Moving up the 3Rs heirarchy to reduce and reuse, speakers tackle zero waste living and creating a culture of reuse and repair.
    Sponsored by K-Light Recycling

DTThe Regina Repair Cafe Project - Darla Nault-Tait, Regina Public Library

Darla is a Reference and Programming Assistant at Regina Public Library.  She is passionate about helping others in the Regina community to pursue their interests and build their skills, especially as they intersect with her other passion: sustainable living.




KSCrash Bang Labs: Regina's Makerspace -- Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith spent 30 years in the information technology field in Saskatchewan. He worked as a Systems Analyst, Database Analyst and Project Manager for numerous crown corporations and private companies. After his retirement in 2013, Kevin became involved in the growing maker movement and took on the role of president of CrashBang Labs, Regina's makerspace, where he does everything from fund raising and building new tools to vacuuming the floors.

Kevin recently returned to the workforce as Regional Coordinator - Prairie Region for Makers Making Change. This is a new initiative of the Neil Squire Society and focuses on leveraging makerspaces and modern digital technologies to lower the cost of assistive technology for people with disabilities.

Kevin has a wide range of interests and hobbies, including sailing, restoring antique British sports cars, electronics projects, painting and hot air ballooning. His interests are constantly changing, with new ones taking the place of those that are getting boring. He even played the bagpipes for a number of years.