Session A -- Improving Landfill Performance

Thursday, May 18 1:30 -3:00 p.m. -- Michelangelo A


The Impact of Social and Technological Change on Waste Management -- Jim Lapp, City of Edmonton

Jim Lapp has gained a broad range of experience in waste management over the past 35 years.  He is actively involved with the Solid Waste Association of North America and currently serves and the Canadian Representative to the International Board. Jim has worked with the Provincial government, private consultants, and a municipal government.  He is presently employed by the City of Edmonton and until recently was the supervisor of compost operations At the present time, he is working on regulatory issues.  

GKRevaluating the Life Expectancy of a Landfill -- Greg Kuntz, City of Regina

Greg Kuntz is the Manager of Environmental Services for the City of Regina.  Greg received a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Environmental Systems Engineering from the University of Regina.  He is a Professional Engineer with 16 years of Civil and Environmental Engineering experience as a consultant and in his current position.  Greg manages a branch that provides regulatory and landfill engineering support for the City of Regina.

IFTire Derived Aggregate in Landfill Leachate Collection Systems -- Ian Fleming, University of Saskatchewan

Ian Fleming is a Professor in the Department of Civil, Geological & Environmental Engineering at the U of S.  For the past 30 years, his professional practice and research interests have focused on Environmental Geotechnics, particularly geosynthetic and clayey barrier systems and the hydraulic and mechanical behaviour of wastes.  In addition to work with mining and other wastes, Dr. Fleming has been involved with projects at over 100 landfills throughout Canada and internationally.  These projects have included barrier engineering, landfill drainage and performance of systems for the collection of gas & leachate, deformations and settlement of waste fills and the strength and stability of waste materials.