Waste Reduction Week 


Time to relax and play. Even so, you can reduce waste and cut down on over-consumption. Here's how:

  • Play clean! If you live near water, take up a new hobby or sport like canoeing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing or swimming. In winter, go cross-country or downhill skiing or snow-shoeing. Try mountain climbing, hang-gliding or parasailing. Pick up a new skill like kite-flying, archery, martial arts, painting, dance and/or music. Go for a bike ride, skateboard, rollerblade or jog your way to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Cut back on or avoid motorized sports—they consume a great deal of fuel and can harass and damage wildlife and habitat. If you must own a personal watercraft, consider less polluting engines such as 4-stroke and 2-stroke direct fuel injection engines.
  • Recycle sporting equipment through swap shops, donations to schools and community yard sales. Hold book sales or donate used books to schools or community groups. Better yet, get in the habit of going to the library.
  • Consider meaningful gifts like a membership in the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council, recycled content greeting cards, homemade food, arts or crafts.
  • When traveling, choose destinations that are not over-crowded or over-developed.
  • Select tour operators who are aware of environmental impacts and contribute financially to conservation and preservation efforts.
  • Seek out responsible, environmentally-sensitive accommodations.
  • Follow all advisories, rules and regulations regarding protected areas, water sources and wildlife habitats.
  • Plan a holiday closer to home—it supports your economy and saves energy!