Saskatchewan Joins the Nation in Celebrating Waste Reduction Week in Canada October 19-25, 2020

Repair Cafes all across Saskatchewan

In 2019, the SWRC organized Repair Cafés in nine cities with help from our sponsor Affinity Credit Union and many volunteers. A Repair Cafe is a pop-up, one day event where the public can bring in household items to be fixed for free by volunteers. Each item fixed is one less item destined for the landfill. 

To celebrate Waste Reduction Week in 2020, we will once again be helping to encourage a Repair Café culture in Saskatchewan and we will be doing it virtually! Register your broken item and you will receive a link to the Virtual Repair Café Zoom meeting where knowledgeable volunteers will be available to coach you through fixing your item.

We’d love your help, we’re mostly looking for people with repair skills but we could also use a few people for general help.

We will also be hosting two workshops during the Repair Cafe:

  • 10:30am Darning Tutorial - Check out this tutorial if you've always wanted to learn how to mend your knits. 
  • 11:30am Sewing Machine Basics - If you have some mending to do but haven't quite figured out your sewing machine, this will be a workshop on the very basics. All ages of machines are welcome!⁠

Register your broken item and/or for the workshops here,

Register here to volunteer. 

If you'd like to host a socially distanced in-person Repair Café in your community get in touch and we can provide resources and advice!

Textile Tuesday — Scrappy Masks

We are also hosting a province-wide upcycled reusable mask drive for the month of October.

We want to help divert textile waste from landfills by creating a use for waste material.

We're looking for:
1) Old cotton t-shirts or any other 100% cotton fabric scraps, as well as elastic suitable for mask making
2) Volunteers to turn that material into masks
3) Organizations that hand out masks for free

To make this as contact-less as possible, when you register as a fabric donor we will try to match you up with a volunteer sewer nearby so you can drop the fabric off directly. When the masks are complete we will match the sewer with an organization close to them.

If you have fabric, can sew, or would like to receive masks to distribute, please register here and we'll pair you up with someone in your area!

Waste Reduction Week Themes

Each day of the week has its own waste related theme:

Monday: The Circular Economy and Kick Off

Tuesday: Textiles

Wednesday: E-Waste

Thursday: Plastics

Friday: Food Waste

Saturday: Sharing Economy

Sunday: Swap and Repair

There are opportunities to reduce waste in all areas of your life. Adopt a new waste-reducing habit today. Check out these links for suggestions on how you can make a difference.


Join the other concerned Canadians planning activities that promote waste-free households, workplaces, schools and communities.Organizers, municipalities, businesses, and community groups will be planning events for Waste Reduction Week. Why not schedule an event yourself—send us your ideas!

Waste Reduction Week in Canada main website