Saskatchewan Joins the Nation in Celebrating Waste Reduction Week in Canada October 16-22, 2023

Repair Cafés

In 2019, the SWRC organized Repair Cafés in nine cities with help from our sponsor Affinity Credit Union and many volunteers. A Repair Cafe is a pop-up, one day event where the public can bring in household items to be fixed for free by volunteers. Each item fixed is one less item destined for the landfill. 

To celebrate Waste Reduction Week in 2023, we will once again be helping to encourage a repair culture in Saskatchewan with the help of our sponsor Affinity Credit Union.

If you'd like to host an in-person Repair Café in your community get in touch and we can provide resources and advice!


Waste Reduction Week Themes

Each day of the week has its own waste related theme:

Monday: The Circular Economy

Tuesday: Textiles

Wednesday: E-Waste

Thursday: Plastics

Friday: Food Waste

Saturday: Sharing Economy

Sunday: Swap and Repair

There are opportunities to reduce waste in all areas of your life. Adopt a new waste-reducing habit today. Check out these links for suggestions on how you can make a difference.


Join the other concerned Canadians planning activities that promote waste-free households, workplaces, schools and communities.Organizers, municipalities, businesses, and community groups will be planning events for Waste Reduction Week. Why not schedule an event yourself—send us your ideas!

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