Celebrating Saskatchewan Waste Reducers - 2012 Waste Minimization Awards

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council (SWRC) and SaskPower hosted Saskatchewan's 17th Waste Minimization Awards ceremony on April 18th at the Travelodge Hotel in Saskatoon.

“The awards recognize waste minimization leadership in Saskatchewan for 2012,” said Sean Homenick, SWRC Chairperson. “The actions of the recipients clearly demonstrate how we, as individuals, groups or industry, can have an impact that helps to reduce the amount of waste going into our landfills.”

The 2012 Awards were presented by Rachelle Verret Morphy from SaskPower and the Hon. Ken Cheveldayoff, Saskatchewan Minister of Environment.

 The Lifetime Achievement award recipient was Fred Clipsham from Regina. Fred has long been a champion of better recycling programs for Regina and for Saskatchewan.  One of Fred’s goals when he first ran for office in 1994 was improved recycling for Regina. He was a driving force behind both the city-wide curbside recycling program (scheduled to launch this July) and a champion of the city-wide composting service (slated to begin in 2015). Fred is an ardent proponent of the provincial recycling programs. As a member of SUMA’s board and its environment committee, he has long advocated the development and improvement of provincial recycling programs, with considerable success.
 Fred Clipsham
Rachelle Verret Morphy, Fred Clipsham, and Ken Cheveldayoff.
 The Individual award recognizes those whose initiative and dedication have impacted waste reduction in their communities, workplaces or government. The 2012 recipient was Monica Enns. Monica is the Waste Prevention Coordinator at the University of Saskatchewan.  Since 2009, Monica has taken the University from having a recycling centre that collected only beverage containers, paper and cardboard, to a campus-wide program collecting all types of paper, plastics, glass and metal. Monica has worked tirelessly to educate faculty, staff and students and to continuously improve the system. As a result, campus recycling increased from ten percent in 2005 to forty percent in 2012.
Monica Enns 
 Monica Enns and Ken Cheveldayoff.
 The Non-Profit award recognizes the significant contribution that non-profit and grass roots organizations make in helping us all reduce waste. The 2012 recipient was Fruit for Thought from Regina, an urban fruit sharing organization started in 2011 with the goal of reducing food waste while contributing to sustainable urban agriculture. Fruit for Thought’s more than fifty volunteers harvest under-used and excess fruit trees and bushes. The fruit in best condition is donated to organizations and given to volunteers and tree-owners. Fruit in moderate condition is used during preserving sessions to make applesauce, chutneys, etc. Inedible fruit is composted. Fruit for Thought’s preserving sessions are open to the public and provide education on food preservation. In two years, Fruit for Thought has harvested 5,000 pounds of fruit that would otherwise have gone to waste.
 Morgan Labrash
 Rachelle Verret Morphy, Morgan Labrash, and Ken Cheveldayoff.
 The Corporate Leadership award was given to the Saskatoon Health Region, the only health region in the province with a separate Sustainability department. In 2007, the Saskatoon Health Region became the first health region in the Prairie Provinces to recycle materials from patient care areas. In 2009, the Health Region recycled 281,000 kg of fibre, glass, metals, and plastic and they have since expanded the program to include more facilities. Much of the recycling is generated in acute care areas and it is a credit to the staff that they recycle in such high-stress environments. The Saskatoon Health Region also diverts medical equipment and unused supplies through charitable reuse initiatives.  In partnership with Canada Food for the Hungry, the Region kept over 1,000 hospital beds out of landfill by sending them to hospitals in Africa.  Unused dressings, bandages, drapes and gowns also are sent to African hospitals that desperately need them.
 Saskatoon health region
 Rachelle Verret Morphy, Jocelyn Orb, Nilesh Kavia, and Ken Cheveldayoff.

 The Small Business award recipient for 2012 was Eat Healthy Foods in Regina. Eat Healthy Foods is an organic grocery / convenience store that opened in 1996. Extensive recycling and composting, combined with purchasing practices, such as buying local, buying recycled and convincing suppliers to take back and reuse their packaging, have resulted in 99 percent of their waste being diverted from landfill. In addition to reducing waste, the business contributes to the local community in a variety of ways, assisting low income people and supporting local events. Eat Healthy Foods was established to prove that a business could be viable and environmentally and socially conscious – and they have succeeded!

 Rick Morrell
 Rachelle Verret Morphy, Solstice and Rick Morrell, and Ken Cheveldayoff.

All of the winners demonstrate a strong commitment to waste minimization and have made our province a better place to live. SWRC and SaskPower congratulate them!