Taking Waste Reduction By Storm

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Taking Waste Reduction by Storm - Proceedings

April 17 to 19, 2013, Travelodge Hotel, Saskatoon

Wednesday, April 17

1:30 pm Staying Ahead of the Storm: Workshop— Sustainable Responsible Business. This will be a presentation on the range of businesses types that engage in socially and environmentally responsible business practices, from those that simply donate money to support good causes to ventures that are called social entrepreneurial organizations because they apply business strategies to self-sustain their operations so they can fulfill an explicit and major part of their operating mission of solving or addressing societal problems.  We will also hear from some of those organizations themselves. Thursday, April 18

9:00 am Taking Waste Reduction by Storm: (4.4 Mb) Keynote Speaker Clarissa Morawski, CM Consulting

Clarissa Morawski, Principal, CM consulting, specializes in waste minimization and stewardship policy in Canada, with a specific interest in extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs, cost and performance. Clarissa is recognized world-wide for her comprehensive and unbiased research. Clarissa will discuss EPR programs in Canada and the world, what we know works and what we’re sure doesn't work.

10:30 am Plenary Session—The Eye of the Hurricane: Global Issues

1:30 pm Plenary Session—Blown Away: Businesses Taking on Sustainability
  • Interface tackles sustainability—Claude Ouimet, Interface (presenation not available)
  • Applying sustainability at home: Lawson Heights Mall—Greg Clemence, Morguard Investments (presentation not available)

3:30 pm Concurrent Session A—Get Wind of This: Organics and Food Waste


3:30 pm Concurrent Session B—Meteorology: The Science of Waste Management


3:30 pm Concurrent Session C—The Aftermath: Salvaging and Reuse

Friday, April 19

8:30 am  Plenary Session—Storm Warning: Advances in Public Education

10:30 am  Plenary Session—Shelter from the Storm: Green Buildings 12:30 pm Firestorm: Closing Keynote Speaker Tom Moore, Town of Slave Lake - The Lesser Slave Lake Fires (2.3 Mb)