Brad Clute

Brad CluteBrad Clute is Mountain Equipment Co-op’s Regional Sustainability and Community Coordinator for Western Canada. Under Brad’s leadership, MEC sustainability programs have won numerous awards including a provincial Emerald Award and a Calgary Award both for corporate environmental achievement, as well as a Better Business Bureau Business Ethics Award. Their sustainability programs are an example of how businesses can both prosper and have a positive impact on the community and the planet.

Brad is also chair of the Calgary Area Outdoor Council, serves on the board of the Albert Council for Environmental Education, and is a steering committee member for Thrive – Calgary’s Economic Development Network.

Brad believes that business, when done ethically, can be a powerful tool for positive change in the community, and he’s dedicated to proving it. He also believes that if you rarely clean out or unload your car, you’ll be prepared for anything. His loving and patient wife disagrees.