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Wednesday, July 15, 1:00 — 2:00 p.m.            

Machine Learning and AI. It's not the future, it's now, are you ready? — Jared Fedorchuk, Levis Technologies


Jared Fedorchuk has been working in the technology industry for nearly 20 years and his passion for exploring the bleeding edge of technology has never diminished. Though he started out his education in IT and has certifications in CompTIA A+, Net+ and MCP, Jared has since bet the farm on a custom built web based framework with nearly unlimited potential for building business management software.

Recently, Jared cofounded Levis Media in order to take this web framework to the world. After 10 years in development, Levis PRISM has become the backbone of a diverse range of cloud based business tools, from website CMS to custom software as a service products, and it continues to expand as we explore.

SamurAI Sorting Recyclables Matthew Smith, Machinex


Matthew Smith is a Technology Sales Engineer for Machinex.

Matthew provides new and existing customers with the latest technologies in standalone equipment on the market, more specifically with sorting robot, but also with optical sorters, balers and more. Covering the North American territory as well as a part of Europe, he will ensure customers’ satisfaction while supporting them in their future needs.

Matthew has over 25 years of business experience in the area of sales and application with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Most recently, he spent the last year working as a Sales engineer for Schmid biomass boilers in Canada.

Machine Learning and Data Collaboration in Waste Management — Sam Dietrich, Prairie Robotics


Sam Dietrich is a Co-Founder of Prairie Robotics Inc., a company specializing in robotics and machine learning solutions. He previously completed his Bachelor of Applied Sciences at the University of Regina with a Major in Industrial Systems Engineering and a Double Minor in Electronics and Software Systems Engineering.

During his university career, Sam represented the University of Regina in numerous exchanges, including a 9-week research internship at the India Institute of Technology Kanpur working in the Center for Mechatronics. In addition to working for Prairie Robotics he's also been employed by Vivvo Application Studios, Dot Technology Corp and Offstreet Technology Corp.

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