Waste ReForum 2020

Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council Annual Conference
April 1 - 3, Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Regina

The conference theme is Brave New World: A Daring Look Into the Future, which will consider how waste reduction will
change going forward—from robotics to circular processes.


Keynote Speaker: Linear and circular material flows and the roots of sustainability — Darrin Qualman

DarrinDarrin will look out across 10,000 years to assemble a concrete, evidence-based definition of sustainably and reveal the perils created by the linear systems of 20th and 21st century petro-civilizations. 

Darrin Qualman is the author of Civilization Critical: Energy, Food, Nature, and the Future.  He is also a Project Manager with the City of Saskatoon, working on a water conservation strategy for the city.  Darrin was a farmer and for 15 years a senior staffperson at Canada’s National Farmers Union, including several years as Director of Research.  He has degrees in biology, history, and political studies.