Waste ReForum 2020

Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council Annual Conference
April 1 - 3, Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Regina

The conference theme is Brave New World: A Daring Look Into the Future, which will consider how waste reduction will change going forward—from robotics to circular processes.



Wednesday, April 1
1:30 — 4:30 Bus Tour —  Regina Landfill and more
1:30 — 4:30 Walking Tour —  College Drive Campus
1:30 — 4:30  Workshop —

6:00  A Space Odyssey: Opening Reception at the Saskatchewan Science Centre
            Bring along your curiosity and sense of fun as you renew friendships and create new ones at an evening of exploration at the Saskatchewan Science Centre.
                        Sponsored by Sask. Association for Resource Recovery Corp.

Thursday, April 2
8:00 The Force Awakens: Breakfast

8:45 Conference Opening/Welcome

9:00 Minority Report: Keynote speaker — Linear and circular material flows and the roots of sustainabilityDarrin Qualman
DarrinDarrin will look out across 10,000 years to assemble a concrete, evidence-based definition of sustainably and reveal the perils created by the linear systems of 20th and 21st century petro-civilizations.

Darrin Qualman is the author of Civilization Critical: Energy, Food, Nature, and the Future.  He is also a Project Manager with the City of Saskatoon, working on a water conservation strategy for the city.  Darrin was a farmer and for 15 years a senior staffperson at Canada’s National Farmers Union, including several years as Director of Research.  He has degrees in biology, history, and political studies.    

10:00 Serenity: Break
Sponsored by GFL Environmental

10:30  Mythbusters: Plenary Session — Lightning Talks
Speakers have five minutes and ten slides prove or disprove a common waste-related myth.

  •  Glass: It’s inert! — Chantelle Diakuw, SARCAN Recycling
  •  Compostable plastics will save the world — Naomi Mihilewicz, Green Living Blog
  •  Pay-As-You-Throw Programs Lead to Illegal Dumping — Daniel Mireault, City of Saskatoon
  •  Environmental Handling Fees: Just another tax grab? — Ethan Richardson, SARRC
  •  World Hunger Crisis: Growing less will feed more — Tannis Axten, Axten Farms
  •  Transporting Uranium Waste: On-site burial is the best option — Tim Moulding, Ministry of Environment
  • It’s a Health Risk: Reusable containers can’t be used by public food vendors — Kelsie Dale, Ministry of Health
  • Artificial Intelligence decreases the cost of curbside waste collections — Jan d’Ailly, Eagle Vision Systems
  • Landfill Scavenging: the resource recovery method of the future? — Dominique Turcotte, Ministry of Environment
  • Zero Ownership: Moving toward a leasing society creates excess waste — Henry Mutafya, SaskTel

12:00  Hunger Games: Lunch

1:00   SWRC Annual General Meeting

1:30   End Game: Concurrent Session A: Plastics in the Future
Sponsored by Canadian Plastics Industry Association
          Upcycling Plastics to Building Materials – ReGen Composites (invited)
          Options for Chemical Recycling -- Pierre Benabides, Lichens
          The Future of Plastics – Joe Hruska, Canadian Plastics Industry Association
1:30   Soylent Green: Concurrent Session B – Managing Organics

3:00   Serenity: Break

3:30   Dark City: Concurrent Session C – Creating Effective Policy
  Sponsored by Product Care Recycling
            Extended Producer Responsibility in the Circular Economy — Christina Seidel, Recycling Council of Albert
Policies, Programs & Plans: an Update — Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
All Together Now: The Advantages and Limitations of Harmonization — Jay Illingworth, EPRA

3:30   I-Robot: Concurrent Session D – Robotics
             SamurAI Sorting Recyclables  -Matt Risko, Machinex
5:00   Sessions end

6:00   Reception

7:00   Mad Max: Banquet In a not-too-distant dystopian future, when civilization’s most precious resource - textiles - has been depleted, the world is plunged into chaos. Set out across the wasteland in search of upcyclable resources. Show off your ability to adapt in the future by wearing apocalyptic “Scavenged Fashion” apparel while joining us for the Banquet.

8:00 Saskatchewan Waste Minimization Awards Ceremony
            Sponsored by SaskTel

9:00 Total Recall: After Party – The Rooftop

Friday April 3
8:15 The Force Awakens: Breakfast

9:00 Back to the Future: Campfire Session – Circular Solutions
Campfire-style group discussions where attendees discuss ways of shifting currently linear products back to circular production cycles.

10:00  Serenity: Break

10:30  Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Concurrent Session E – – Public Education & Engagement

10:30  War of the Worlds: Concurrent Session F – – Global Waste Issues (video session)

12:00 Hunger Games: Lunch
1:00  Conference ends

Thanks to Cleanfarms for sponsoring Grassroots & Student registrations.
Contact SWRC (306-931-3242, [email protected]) for details.