ReForum 2015

Tour 2: Walking Tour of Downtown


Join us for a walking tour through Saskatoon’s evolving downtown. We’ll talk about Saskatoon’s origins as a utopian community and how that created its basic form, highlight some of the unique adaptive reuses of historic buildings and discuss Saskatoon’s newly adopted City Center Plan. The City Centre Plan will facilitate the development of a vibrant mix of uses including new residences, commercial office space, retail and restaurants, as well as cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities. These uses will be supported through pedestrian-oriented design, high quality open spaces and public infrastructure, additional parking opportunities, and innovative policy that will foster private investment, creating more market interest, and the absorption of vacant lots. We'll take a peek at the new Police Station. It is the keystone for redevelopment of the North Downtown Master Plan, a planned community that will be ecologically sustainable, compact, diverse and walkable.

Planned Route:

walking tour

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