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Panel: The Multi-Material Recycling Program - Challenges & Solutions

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Panel description: The Multi-Material Recycling Program has been officially in the works since 2007. The regulation passed in 2013, industry (Multi-Material Stewardship Western) submitted a program with a start date of January 1, 2015. A last-minute ruling by the Saskatchewan Minister of Environment on an exemption for small businesses resulted in half of the businesses who had signed up not being required to participate. Industry responded by suspending the program while they figure out how to move forward.


PhilPhil Wrubleski, Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corp. (SARRC)
Phil Wrubleski, born and raised on a Saskatchewan farm, attended the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon and graduated from Agricultural and Bio-Resource Engineering in 1975. He initially worked in agricultural and industrial research, development and manufacturing with PAMI, White Farm Equipment and General Motors until 1984. Working in the non-profit human services sector for six years was followed by becoming the Research and Development Coordinator for SARCAN for another six years. While with SARCAN, he assisted in developing the Saskatchewan Used Oil, Filter & Container Recycling Program from 1993 to 1997. He became Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corporation in 1997 and, for better or worse, remains so to this day.

WallyWally Lorenz, ARWMAS (Association of Regional Waste Management Authorities of Saskatchewan)

Wally was born and raised on a farm near Wilkie. He is employed as a Realtor at RE/MAX of the Battlefords.

He was first elected as an Aldermen to the Town of Wilkie in 1985 and then served as mayor from 1994-2009. Wally been a member of a number of boards: Wilkie Union Hospital, West Central Pelleting Ltd, Health Foundation, Mineral Spa, Recreation Board and on the SUMA executive as Vice-President of Towns.

 Wally has also chaired the boards of: West Central Municipal Government Committee, West Yellow Head Waste Resource Authority (WYWRA), Border REDA, and the North West Enterprise Region. He is currently the chair of North West College’s Board of Governors. 

Wally is chair of the Association of Regional Waste Management Authorities of Saskatchewan (ARWMAS). In November 2004, Wally and other ARWMAS board members championed the development of a Multi- Material Stewardship Program by presenting the Deputy Premier and the Minister of Environment with a proposed program plan and the need for such a plan in the province of Saskatchewan.

Wally has participated in and coached a number of different sporting activates over the years and enjoys a round or two of golf along with cheering on the Riders.

CWChe-Wei Chung, Ministry of Environment
Che-Wei is the Manager of Waste Stewardship and Recycling Section with the Ministry of Environment.  The team manages regulatory oversight for all provincial stewardship and product management programs such as SARCAN, used oil, waste paint, waste electronics, Multi-Material Recycling Program and scrap tires, and researches future opportunities for program expansion, such as grain bags and household hazardous waste and the solid waste management strategy. 

Che-Wei joined the ministry in 2014 after four years with the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association as the senior policy advisor focusing on economic development, environment and transportation.



Kelly Goyer, Multi-Material Stewardship Western

Kelly is passionate about sustainability and fascinated by the relationship that society has with consumption, waste and recycling. As an avid recycler for over twenty years, Kelly has contributed his passion to leadership roles that have helped to make a difference for the environment.

At the University of Saskatchewan, Kelly was named their first Waste Prevention Coordinator, where he achieved zero waste for the annual President’s Appreciation BBQ, installed solar powered waste and recycling receptacles, and conducted campus-wide audits to prepare for a new campus recycling program. He then moved to the City of Saskatoon where he assisted with implementing a municipal residential curbside recycling program. Kelly also served two consecutive terms on the board of the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council.

At his current role at Multi Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) as Director of Field Service, Kelly works to build strong relationships with municipalities and perform waste audits to ensure we are recycling efficiently and effectively. Kelly brings his personable, service-based leadership style to each and every task and is committed to better recycling in Saskatchewan.

joJoanne Fedyk, SWRC
Joanne has been the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council since the beginning of time. The SWRC advocates for extended producer responsibility programs, hosts an online database with all the recycling programs in the province, promotes composting and organic waste management, and hosts conferences and workshops like this one.

Joanne has an M.S. in Family Economics from the University of Saskatchewan. She lives in Saskatoon with her husband and an undisclosed number of cats (okay, just three).



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