ReForum 2015

Concurrent Session B: Exploring the Science of Waste & Recycling

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SarahBurning of Waste: The Impact on Human Health and the Environment Sarah Keith, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

Sarah has been with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment since 2002 and is currently the Manager of the Landfills Section of the Environmental Protection Branch. Sarah began her career with the ministry as an Environmental Project Officer regulating municipal operations including water, wastewater and landfills. After three years of municipal operations, Sarah moved her focus to the industrial sectors where she primarily regulated potash mines and industrial landfills. During this time she was also a Provincial Hazardous Materials Coordinator responding to spill and emergency situations across the Province. In 2011 she made a move to become the manager of Case Management of the newly created Client Service Office, with a role of assisting clients fulfill their regulatory requirements with the ministry. In 2014 Sarah rejoined the Environmental Protection Branch where she now managers the landfills and solid waste management program which is responsible for regulating solid waste management activities at municipal and industrial landfills and transfer stations. Sarah holds a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of Calgary.


Paul“Flushed Away” - Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Aquatic Environments -- Paul Jones, Toxicology Centre, University of Saskatchewan

Paul Jones was born in New Zealand and received a BSc and PhD from the University of Otago.  He has worked in the field of Environmental Toxicology for over 25 years in the USA New Zealand and now in Canada.  He has produced over 150 peer-reviewed works including papers book chapters and published reports.  Paul joined the University of Saskatchewan in 2007 as a Research Scientist and is now Associate Professor in Toxicology and the School of Environment and Sustainability.  While his research interest are varied his most recent work has been focussing on community based environmental monitoring in the Northwest Territories and the occurrence of pollutants of ‘emerging concern’ in the aquatic ecosystems of Saskatchewan.

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