ReForum 2015

Concurrent Session A: Splashes and Ripples -- Markets/Economics

Sponsored by Crown Shred & Recycling

Krista Plastic Possibilities - Tools to Increase Recovery -- Krista Friesen, Canadian Plastics Industry Association

Krista Friesen is the Vice President of Sustainability at the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA). Krista currently leads CPIA’s efforts in post-use resource recovery, one of the association’s core areas of focus. In this role, she is responsible for the development and execution of partnership programs to promote solutions that increase the recovery of plastics at their end of life and reduce marine litter. With past career experience at Summerhill and Pollution Probe, Krista has been actively designing and developing programs to manage a range of end-of life materials for the last 17 years.

UsmanThe relative economic efficiency of shared responsibility vs EPR -- Usman Valiante, Corporate Policy Group

Which is better, environmentally and financially, for paper and packaging stewardship programs? Shared responsibility between producers and municipalities like in Ontario, Manitoba & Saskatchewan? Or full producer responsibility like in British Columbia? Or is there a third alternative? Usman has the answers.

Usman Valiante is Senior Policy Analyst with Corporate Policy Group LLP. He has 24 years experience in the management of commercial and public policy issues involving a complex mix of economics, environmental science, law, public policy, business strategy and politics.