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Concurrent Session A: Threads Unraveling? Glass Recycling Panel

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From a reuser's viewpoint, glass is durable, classy and gives the product great visibility, but it needs a system to get it back into the production cycle. From a recycler's perspective, glass is heavy, breakable and not worth much. Opportunities for making a glass bottle back into a bottle are few and far away. Some recycling programs accept glass separately, others allow it commingled, many others don't accept glass at all. What happens to glass in Saskatchewan? What are the options for collection and end use, and which make the most sense for us? Our panel of experts will offer a range of viewpoints and solutions.


SybilSybil Taylor, Communications Director, Steam Whistle Brewing

Sybil Taylor is a beer marketing veteran having worked in the beer industry since 1987. At the Upper Canada Brewing Company, Sybil held various roles over a nine year period. As the Vice President of Development and Distribution, she was responsible for activities in Ontario’s LCBO and Beer Stores, as well as export development in the United States and through other provincial Liquor Boards.  In 1999, Sybil joined Steam Whistle Brewing (co-founded by herself & her husband & other partners). As its first employee, Sybil was the Director of Marketing for the brewery where she launched this iconic brand and helped to shape its unique market position. She later transferred her focus to Communications and also became the steward of Steam Whistle’s environmental initiatives, for which the company has received much public recognition and numerous awards. Sybil is now acting Communications Director and manages the company’s public and internal facing communications. She continues to take pride in the brand she helped create.

DwightDwight Grayston, Assistant General Manager, Loraas

Dwight Grayston grew up on a farm in Shellbrook, Saskatchewan residing there until he was awarded a scholarship to attend Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific in Victoria, B.C.  After graduating from Pearson College, Dwight studied Chemistry at McGill University in Montreal, QC for four years before leaving to begin a career in horticulture, planting and growing trees on a nursery north of Prince Albert.  In 2003 an opportunity arose to move from growing trees to saving them and Dwight accepted a position as the managing director of Saskatoon Curbside Recycling (SCR), a start-up blue box program offering comprehensive recycling services to the citizens of Saskatoon.  After 8 years of growing the concept of curbside recycling in the Saskatoon area, SCR was acquired by Loraas Disposal Services.  Dwight joined as the manager of Loraas Recycle merging his curbside recycling experience with Loraas’ state of the art single stream recycling technology to help build Saskatchewan’s largest collector and processor of recyclable materials.  Dwight currently holds the position of Assistant General Manager at Loraas, overseeing the Landfill, HR and Sales departments in addition to the recycling division.

Curtis Berthelot, President, PSI Technologies 

Dr. Berthelot is the president, owner, and and chief technical officer of PSI Technologies and provides overall technical leadership, as well as operations management for the company.  As a professional engineer, Dr. Berthelot has over 25 years of experience in research, design, construction, and project management related to roadway construction, road recycling, material stabilization, transportation infrastructure management, intelligent transportation systems, and the trucking industry.  He served as an assistant professor in the Department of Civil and Geological Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan from 1998 to 2009 and a tenured professor from 2009 to 2014.

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Dr. Berthelot attended the University of Saskatchewan and received his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering in 1989 and his M.Sc. in 1992.  He completed his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering in 1999 at Texas A&M University.  His Ph.D. dissertation is titled, Mechanistic Performance Modeling of Asphalt Concrete Pavements.

Dr. Berthelot specializes in mechanistic material analysis and has dedicated his career to developing pragmatic mechanistic based materials testing procedures and equipment in inelastic materials including asphalt concrete, asphalt cement, aggregate and soils, soil cements and other additives, and saltcrete backfill systems.  Dr. Berthelot’s extensive knowledge of mechanistic-based materials science and non-destructive structural asset management has made him a pioneer in this area of expertise.

A leader in innovation, Dr. Berthelot piloted the way for road recycling and road materials stabilization across the province of Saskatchewan.  Dr. Berthelot’s firsthand knowledge of Saskatchewan materials and climatic conditions has led to his expertise in pavement structure performance and recycled materials for road construction and civil engineering uses.

Dr. Berthelot is a member of the Transportation Association of Canada, World Road Association, and various Transportation Research Board Committees.  His keen technical knowledge and background has made him a respected engineer in the worldly community of transportation.  Dr. Berthelot has published over 30 technical articles in peer-reviewed journals and co-authored near 100 conference proceedings, as well as has conducted numerous invited presentations at various conferences.

kevinKevin Acton, SARCAN Recycling

Kevin is the Director of Operations at SARCAN Recycling, and has been with the company since day one. He is extremely knowledgeable about recycling and is constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to keep SARCAN the beverage container recycling program that is the envy of North America.

Under Kevin’s leadership, SARCAN introduced paint and electronics recycling programs in 2006 and 2007 respectively.  He has traveled extensively throughout North America to research the recycling landscape, and how it is growing and changing.

Employment for people of all abilities, protecting Saskatchewan’s natural beauty, and economic development are Kevin’s passions, and also the keys to the success of SARCAN Recycling.  

In his spare time, Kevin enjoys keeping tropical fish and aquatic horticulture.  

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