City of Swift Current Hoping to Start Selling Fertilizer Made at Landfill

City of Swift Current Hoping to Start Selling Fertilizer Made at Landfill

The City of Swift Current is hoping to be able to expand the usage of its compost soon.

The City's yard waste collection program has been gathering the waste of residents free of charge and developing it into something reusable.

Yard waste, stored at the Swift Current Landfill, is being turned into compost, which the City has plans for.

The program helps to deal with yard waste at the landfill, which accounts for around 20 per cent of their submitted materials.

Keegan Story, superintendant of solid waste and diversion with the City of Swift Current, talked about the relatively new process.

"This spring, we began our active composting program, we have a row turner which will blend our wood chips with our leafy waste and create compost."

He said that they hope to be able to use the compost for plants around the city, as well as being able to sell it back to residents at low prices.

"We are actually just waiting on lab results for our compost materials. Before we are able to use it or sell it or anything, it has to meet federal regulations on compost quality guidelines."

Those results are expected to be submitted to the City in the coming days.

Tree branches eight inches in diameter, trimmings, and various other yard wastes will all be accepted at the landfill, as well as another drop-off location at the former St. Joseph Middle School.

While the initiative is helping residents dispose of their waste free of charge, unauthorized drop-offs may be putting it in jeopardy.

"After-hours drop-offs are causing us additional time and effort," he said. "We'd like to keep that to a minimum in order to keep this program up and running."

The City has had hired a contractor to help make the compost a reality, as well as a one-acre area designated and approved for the production to take place.