SARCAN promoting recycling at Saskatchewan schools

SARCAN promoting recycling at Saskatchewan schools

All Saskatchewan schools are being encouraged to step-up their recycling game.

As part of Waste Reduction Week, SARCAN Recycling launched a new program at Westmount Community School.

Students got a hands-on lesson, testing their recycling knowledge on Monday morning.

The “SARCAN School” program will track all recycling the school does throughout the year and come May, prizes will be awarded to students whose efforts were the most creative and impactful.

SARCAN said not all schools have an effective recycling program.

“SARCAN sees a lot of recycling from schools. There’s so much milk, juice – beverages containers of all types that comes through schools,” SARCAN Recycling spokesperson Sydney Smith said.

“We’re hoping that by giving schools recycling bins we can make it easier to separate the beverage containers so that the money comes back to the schools.”

Any Saskatchewan school that wishes to participate can head online to get new bins for recycling beverage containers, and start keeping track of how much recycling is taken in to SARCAN.