Humboldt Kidsport's Compost Pick-up Sees Huge Uptake

Humboldt Kidsport's Compost Pick-up Sees Huge Uptake

The Humboldt chapter of Kidsport is raving about the success of their compost pick-up fundraiser that just wrapped up.

This year they raised $1,250 thanks to over 30 donations.

Chair Mike Ulriksen says that word is finally getting out about the initiative.

"We've kind of gone from something that was just an idea that we tossed around to becoming something that I think is going to become an annual fundraiser that's not only going to help benefit a tonne of kids in the community but something that we can say, this is our fundraiser."

The money that's raised stays right in Humboldt and helps kids get involved in activities that perhaps they couldn't because of financial restrictions.

Ulriksen says the proceeds are already getting kids into sports and activities for the winter season.

"We saw a huge increase in the donors so a huge thank you to the I think it was 30-35 homes that decided this was a worthwhile investment. It was amazing to see the results from that and we will see the results right away here as we've been approving some applications here this fall and into next year."

Ulriksen wanted to thank the donors for their support as well as Discovery Ford that provided a trailer free of charge plus the city that allowed their staff to organize the pick-ups, take payments as well as providing a work truck to use.

The program is likely to be back both early in the spring and again in the fall next year.

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