Festival organizers trade tips on keeping events green

Festival organizers trade tips on keeping events green

CBC - April 22, 2015 - It's Earth Day. And in Saskatoon festival organizers are trading tips on how to hold greener events.

"Probably the most innovative thing I would say is the Regina Folk Festival who are leaders in the province," said Sean Homenick, chair of the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council. " They have LED-powered their entire lighting of their stage, which drastically cuts energy use. It slashes it in half."

The RFF has also banned commercial bottled water.

Compostable dishes, water bottle refill stations

The City of Saskatoon has turned its annual pancake breakfast into a zero-waste event by using compostable dishes and cutlery.

At Calgary's Folk Music Festival, waste station attendants coach people on how to separate their waste and limit contamination of recyclables and compostables. At the end of the event, there will be a report on how much waste was created, and how much of it was diverted from the landfill.

Other ideas include water bottle refill stations, even dishwashing stations. And, encouraging accessible and alternative transportation.

Conference green-powered

The discussion was the opening session at Waste Reduction Council's three-day annual conference. Homenick said steps are being taken to make this event as green as possible also.

Registration is paperless, and the council is substituting printed programs with on-line apps. And, it's "green-powering" the event.

"We're paying for green-powering offsets for all the power that we're using within our conference," Homenick explained.

The council hired a company called Bullfrog Power. It finds green power sources in the province, in this case SaskPower's wind-generated power, and buys credits for that.

Homenick said for future conferences, it's looking at shipping food waste to a biomass company.

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