SARCAN Opens New Weyburn Depot, Renovates Redvers Depot

SARCAN Opens New Weyburn Depot, Renovates Redvers Depot

Local dignitaries and citizens of Weyburn celebrated the grand opening of the brand new SARCAN facility with a ribbon cutting ceremony on November 21.

The ceremony was hosted by Andria Brady, Executive Director of the Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop. Also participating were Dustin Duncan, The Minister of Health/MLA for Weyburn-Big Muddy, City Councillor Mel Van Betuw and Amy McNeil, the Executive Director of SARCAN Recycling.

The original SARCAN depot was one of 32 to open in the province in June of 1988. Since that time, the Weyburn depot has recycled 134,543,283 containers.  

The new building, located at 1800 Ebel Road, will benefit both customers and employees. At 11,000 sq. ft., the depot is over double the size of the previous building. The additional space allows for a larger customer service area, a roomier back staff area, and more customer parking. The depot is much cleaner and brighter than the previous one and is also equipped with a new air exchange system. (Original story Weyburn This Week)

Redvers Depot Renovated

The SARCAN depot in Redvers celebrated renovations with a grand re-opening on Wednesday, Nov. 19.a.m.

redvers openingPresent for the ribbon cutting was Kevin Acton, the SARCAN Director of Operations: “The depot renovation is a very welcome change for the staff and customers at SARCAN and for the town of Redvers. As Redvers grows and develops, it is important for SARCAN to accommodate our customers.”

The SARCAN in Redvers has been in operation for the last 26 years, with the original opening in July of 1988. Acton explained that “since then, the depot has recycled 59,274,934 beverage containers... The depot's busiest year since 1988 was actually this past year, with 3,375,122 containers recycled.”

On a provincial scale this is exemplary as all SARCANs brought in a total of 407 million beverage containers for the 2013-14 year.

Renovations of the building has meant there is more space with a staircase being moved, new lighting, a new trailer loading dock, renovated offices and lunch room, as well as a new floor. This has resulted in a brand new look for the building.

The Redvers SARCAN depot is open from Tuesday to Saturday throughout the week from 9 a.m. to  5 p.m.

(Original Story - Carlyle Observer)