Saskatchewan among top wasters in country

Saskatchewan among top wasters in country

October 22, 2014 (Moose Jaw Times Herald) - Saskatchewan residents are one of the highest generators of waste in the country per capita, and the government is trying to change that.

With Saskatchewan continuing to grow, the environment minister urges everyone to step up and be more mindful of the environment. 

"We're looking at trying to keep things out of our landfills," said Joanne Fedyk, executive director of the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council. "I think that there's a movement, generally speaking, to reduce a number of landfills that are smaller and do not run as well or weren't originally set up with a good base and foundation."

In Saskatchewan there are 727 landfills, 505 of them which are currently operating. Moose Jaw does have a running municipal landfill itself, where a plastic jug can live up to 500 years and a glass bottle for up to 10,000 years. 

That's why during Waste Reduction Week on Oct. 20 to 26, the message environmentalists are trying to get out is reduce, reuse and recycle.

"We lag behind Alberta, but other than that, as far as being the worst waster, we're up at the top," said Fedyk. "It is a problem. If we act the same as we have and everybody does better, then we look worse."

She too urges people to practice the three Rs and to "look whats happening in your community."

The city is in the process of planning an expansion project for their landfill, and do not have a recycling program in place. However, residents can still do their part to better themselves and the planet.

"If you find ways you can reduce waste and do things with less resources, you're most often saving money too," said Fedyk. "And a lot of times when you manage doing things with less stuff, your life is less cluttered and it's actually easier to function."

She recommends people use fewer resources and avoid buying things with excess packaging. If things purchased can't be reused then figure out a way to recycle it, says Fedyk. The SARCAN on 50 Manitoba St. E. currently accepts beverage containers, paint and electronics for recycling.

For a full list of recyclable items and where in your neighbourhood you can recycle them, go to 

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