New Composting Research Project: 'Dishing the Dirt'

New Composting Research Project: 'Dishing the Dirt'

Saskatoon, June 4, 2014 – The City of Saskatoon has partnered with the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council (SWRC) to launch a home composting research project: “Dishing the Dirt.” Over the next year, 23 different composting systems will be tested to evaluate their level of ease and effectiveness. One household alone can reduce 250-350 kilograms of waste every year with a backyard compost. This project was developed in an effort to encourage backyard composting across the province and has received funding from both the City of Saskatoon and City of Regina.

“Composting isn’t one size fits all,” says Joanne Fedyk, SWRC Executive Director. “This project will help us examine the variety of composting systems out there and find out which ones will work best for Saskatchewan residents. We’re very excited to have partners helping us encourage backyard composting in our province.”

Each composting system will be run by a volunteer household in Saskatoon or Regina. These volunteers will keep track of the material they put in over the year, and how quickly and easily it turns into finished compost. By studying these systems for a full year, the SWRC will be able to determine which systems work best for different types of households. This will make composting programs more effective and more accessible to new backyard composters.

There are a variety of different composting systems that “Dishing the Dirt” will be testing, including 12 types of bins, four tumblers, two in-ground composters, two vermicomposters, one bokashi bucket, one electric composter, and one digester.

Currently, Saskatoon has a composting depot for yard waste; however, through this project they hope to encourage an increase in the number of residents who use backyard composters, as it is an even more direct way of processing organic waste. Not only does composting divert waste from the landfill and reduce greenhouse gases, it also generates a valuable soil amendment that can be used in landscaping, home gardens and agricultural applications.

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