Government Funding helps Municipalities build Infrastructure for Recycling Programs

Government Funding helps Municipalities build Infrastructure for Recycling Programs

Saskatchewan municipalities are getting a financial boost as they prepare to participate in the Multi-Material Recycling Program (MMRP).  Environment Minister Ken Cheveldayoff announced that a $500,000 grant will be provided to the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) to help eligible communities improve or implement recycling programs. 

“Recycling plays an important role in building a strong economy and a healthy environment,” Minister Cheveldayoff said.  “These dollars will help municipalities to build necessary infrastructure, improve their programs and potentially divert up to 40 per cent of residential waste from provincial landfills each year.”

To be eligible for funding, municipalities will be assessed on their infrastructure needs and their demonstrated co-operation with other municipalities.  The grant will cover up to 40 per cent of eligible project costs, while municipalities to fund the remaining portion.  SUMA will administer the grant program.

“We appreciate the Ministry of Environment’s ongoing support of recycling programs,” SUMA President Debra Button said.  “This funding will help our growing communities get the infrastructure they need to meet their residents’ recycling needs.”

Since 2004-05, the province has granted more than $9.45 million to SUMA, the Association of Regional Waste Management Authorities of Saskatchewan, and the Saskatchewan Association of Rehabilitation Centres to support recycling efforts. Press release.