Household Composting in Canada 2011 data - StatsCan

Household Composting in Canada  2011 data - StatsCan

Statistics Canada has released a new study on household composting in Canada.

In 2011, over half of Canadian households (61%) had participated in some form of composting. Forty-five percent of all households reported composting kitchen waste and 68% of households with a lawn or garden reported composting yard waste.

Saskatchewan households compost less than the national average: 47 percent report composting, 27 percent compost kitchen waste and 53 percent of those with a lawn or garden compost yard waste.

Composting Method

In 2011, 63% of Canadian households that had composted their yard waste used a curbside collection system. However, almost one-third of households (32%) had made use of a compost bin or pile for their yard waste. Another 12% reported using a depot or other means to compost their yard waste.

More than half (60%) of households composting kitchen waste did so using a curbside collection program, while 41% of households did so by using a compost bin or pile. A small percentage had disposed of their kitchen waste by taking it to a depot or using an alternative composting practice (5%).