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  1. 'Just say no' to Styrofoam

    'Just say no' to Styrofoam

    Styrofoam food packaging. So easy to take home, so few options but the garbage. What has made the biggest difference in our house is to refuse it in the…
  2. Edible Valentines Bouquet

    Edible Valentines Bouquet

    I love the look of fresh cut flowers. However I don’t like them enough to buy them, or ask for them for Valentines day. I feel like the fresh cut flower…
  3. Holiday Mending

    Holiday Mending

    The holidays are coming and everyone in our family is looking forward to the usual Christmas cheer. My son is old enough be excited about presents (though…
  4. Honey, I buy in bulk.

    Honey, I buy in bulk.

    About four years ago, I made some changes to my diet and stopped using sugar in anything I made at home. I did it for health reasons, and the benefits…
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