Waste Reduction: How Low Can You Go?

  1. How to start the

    How to start the "no gift" conversation

    Giving gifts can be a really lovely experience, but in my opinion, the requirement to give at certain holidays or milestones can ruin the beauty and thoughtfulness…
  2. Let's Chat Repair Culture!

    Let's Chat Repair Culture!

    The SWRC has been working on improving Repair culture in Saskatchewan. We've updated our Waste Reduction Hub to include information about repair businesses…
  3. It's Not All Up to You

    It's Not All Up to You

    Oftentimes the narrative around waste reduction or other sustainability goals revolves around individuals and what we can each do. And it can feel like…
  4. Food Waste During Harvest

    Food Waste During Harvest

    Whether it’s too many apples in your apple tree, too many carrots in your garden, or those you-can't-believe-how-big zucchinis, when there's more than…
  5. Should we celebrate small wins?

    Should we celebrate small wins?

    We’ve probably all been there: we see a public announcement about a new waste reduction initiative and think “Okay, cool, but that’s not enough”. It’s…
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