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  1. Second Chances

    Second Chances

    We have purchased very little new furniture as a couple, Kris and I. The fact that he is also a fan of nifty, pre-loved furniture is one of the things…
  2. Fix it, Felix!

    Fix it, Felix!

    These days I feel like the character Fix-it Felix Jr. from the movie Wreck-it Ralph. If you’ve never seen it, there are two main characters: Wreck-it destroys…
  3. Green Baby Raising

    Green Baby Raising

    Well, it must have really struck a chord with the editor, or been a really slow news day, when an article on green parenting made the cover page of the…
  4. Tackling Menu Planning

    Tackling Menu Planning

    Most of the time when I write this article, I focus on what I do well - what tips I have to share with others, what model behaviours I have that others…
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