Waste Reduction: How Low Can You Go?

  1. Should we celebrate small wins?

    Should we celebrate small wins?

    We’ve probably all been there: we see a public announcement about a new waste reduction initiative and think “Okay, cool, but that’s not enough”. It’s…
  2. Downsizing Mindfully

    Downsizing Mindfully

    One way some people are reducing their environmental footprint is to downsize their living space. Having less room typically means buying less as we’ve…
  3. Decluttering Sustainably

    Decluttering Sustainably

    I'm moving this month, so I’m in the middle of decluttering. I want to only move things I genuinely want into my new home. In an effort to avoid the landfill,…
  4. Privileges


    You may have noticed more talk lately about privileges. Discussions about privilege can be confusing, difficult to wrap your head around and uncomfortable.…
  5. 10 Low Waste Snacks

    10 Low Waste Snacks

    Snack foods, while tasty and handy and fundamental to the existence of many of us, are typically NOT low waste. They are often individually packaged and…
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