Waste Reduction: How Low Can You Go?

  1. Family Composting Connections

    Family Composting Connections

    In our busy lives it can be a real struggle to go the extra mile to be green, and especially hard to learn a new skill that supports it.  One thing that…
  2. How We Send Packaging Packing

    How We Send Packaging Packing

    In light of the recent suspension of the Multi Material Recycling Program, I thought I would talk a little bit about packaging – and how our family avoids…
  3. The Gift of No-Thing

    The Gift of No-Thing

    Some of my favorite gifts I have given have been nothing. And by that I mean nothing tangible. Not toys or clothes or electronics. Not even the things…
  4. Electronic Kitchen Gadgets

    Electronic Kitchen Gadgets

    My friend's coffee maker recently died. She wisely posted it on social media to see if anyone needed the coffee pot from it or any of the parts. If no…
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