Green Living Blog: Riding off into the Sunset - in Repaired Boots

Green Living Blog: Riding off into the Sunset - in Repaired Boots

Well folks, here we are. The end of 2020 (what a ride that's been) and my last Green Living Blog for the SWRC. For those of you who know me, you'll know I wear a lot of hats, and its time to let this one go, so I can wear some others. I am currently the Community Manager for the Two Twenty, a horseback riding instructor and manage four horses on our acreage. I am also in the process of completing Life Coach certification and getting back into practicing Reiki. In the spirit of the horse back riding theme, I thought what better to do my last blog about than fixing up my riding boots. 

I have special insulated riding boots that developed some small cracks in the synthetic outer layer a few years ago. The previous patch, which lasted a good two years, had finally cracked and given out, but that didn't mean I was ready to give up on them yet.

Last night I removed the previous repair by peeling it off before giving them a good scrub to get them clean for the next one. I tried a simple wipe down with water but that didn't get the dirt off the rough synthetic surface. Instead, I opted for scrubbing them down with some water, an old reused toothbrush and my favourite clean-everything paste: Pink Solution. That worked, and the boots looked almost new again! 

I allowed them to dry overnight then filled up the toes of the boots with stuffing to hold the cracks together fully. Then I applied a decently thick coat of Shoe Goo over and around the cracks and will let them sit until tomorrow. Once they have cured for 24hrs I will flex test the boots to make sure I have the cracks well covered. If not I'll add another thin, wider layer. 

The patching keeps the cracks from getting larger, keeps out the snow/water, and keeps my boots in usable order for another few years. Since shoe/boot recycling is not a mainstream thing yet, I will keep re-patching them as needed for as long as I can - as well as all the other boots in our house. Just now Kris came in from cross country skiing, and his ski boot needs the sole re-glued on at the toe. I know what we'll be repairing tomorrow! 

I hope you have all enjoyed my waste-free ramblings over the last nine years. I hope to take my thrifty and waste-conscious approach forward into the horse world now. If you want to keep in touch, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook at SymmetryEquestrian. 

Note from SWRC: Our sincere thanks to Naomi for her green living advice over the years. We've enjoyed the peek into a bustling, low-waste household. The Green Living blog will be become Waste Reduction Limbo: How Low Can You Go? where we explore the experiences of people pushing the boundaries of zero waste.